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Globant appoints Matt Gelbwaks as Chief Agilist

Buenos Aires, Argentina - Monday, May 31, 2007 – Globant, the fastest growing company in global IT services and solutions in Latin America and the largest in Argentina, today announced the appointment of Matt Gelbwaks to the position of Chief Agilist. 

Martin Migoya, Globant’s Chief Executive Officer, stated, “More and more of our traditional customer’s find they need to use Agile Methods in their projects in order to bring their businesses value in an expeditious manner.  Matt is perhaps one of the best in the world at tuning organizations and it is our belief that he will help the world recognize Globant as a leader in distributed agile outsourcing.”

Mr. Gelbwaks will assume responsibility for ensuring that all internally executed projects are optimized by process and that our customers’ expectations are met or surpassed. As a company, Globant is firmly convinced that these agile practices create the compelling differentiators that allow Globant to lead the international outsourcing community.  Guibert Englebienne states that “using agile methods in our development allows us to focus our engineering on solving our customers problems, maximizing communications and embracing change in a fast evolving business environment.”

"I strongly believe that within this decade, all companies will either be following agile practices or they will not be developing software.  As companies assess and review their core areas, software continues to be one of those areas that falls to the outside.  With their distributed agile approach to development, Globant can erase the boundaries of traditional outsourcing and allow the client companies to maintain full control and direction for all of their projects at a true fraction of the traditional implementation cost.  Their ROI is tremendous!” stated Gelbwaks.  “I was introduced to Globant several years ago and have been a customer of theirs as well.  It has been thrilling to watch them grow and I feel well acquainted with the team and I’m very excited to play this role for them.”

Previously, Gelbwaks was the Chief Agilist for companies like VA Software and Borland Software.  Prior to that, he had been a senior coach with ThoughtWorks, an international consultancy specializing in agile development methodologies. Gelbwaks has also served as Director of Change and Product Management at Segway LLC, supporting the company's efforts in implementing agile processes. His career also includes management of several service organizations specializing in process consulting and engineering organizations following years in the Department of Defense complex working on weather and radar systems.

About Globant

Globant is one of the fastest growing global IT services companies in Latin America. Its flexibility and abilities quickly made Globant a global player in the extremely competitive IT market, with first-class clients, specially located in USA and Europe. 
Globant offers a wide portfolio of solutions – from software development and infrastructure management, to software globalization -- and is extremely experienced in open source technologies and agile methodologies. Globant’s teams provide services internationally, always backed up by their offices in Buenos Aires, Tandil, London, San Francisco and Boston.

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