In the Media Nov 14, 2012

Globant disembarks in Antarctica to collaborate in the development of the most southern continent

  • For a month, five Globers will stay in Base Marambio to start up a software development project.
  • By collaborating with one of the remaining untapped territories in the world, Globant continues to fulfill its dream of bringing opportunities to the entire region.

Buenos Aires, Nomember 12th, 2012 – Globant, leader in the creation of innovative software products that appeal to global audiences, disembarked in Antarctica to develop software from the most southern continent in the world. The initiative aligns with the company’s mission to promote new opportunities in the entire region, while changing and improving the environment and it’s communities through technology. Globant’s endeavor demonstrates that impact can be generated even in the most remote places of Latin America.

“We are passionate about developing software from all corners of our region and doing it from Antarctica is a perfect example of our passion. Antarctica represents our planet’s purity and to have the opportunity to join forces with what is being done there fills us with pride”, says Guibert Englebienne, CTO and Globant co-founder. “This software will be donated by Globant to Base Marambio: we couldn’t be happier that the Antarctic Command allowed our professionals to travel and to be one of the first companies to achieve this challenge of creating software from the white continent”.

The project, framed as a pro-bono Globant initiative, aims to create a software product that improves efficiency and infrastructure management. By creating a better system and sharing knowledge, more projects will be available, hence kick starting growth in the region. The software specifically targets interaction between teams and project management at Base Marambio. This application will improve cooperation and the level of service the Argentinean Air Force provides alongside the team of scientists,  propelling their impactful work around the world.

“This initiative represents a milestone for us: it’s crucial to be able to provide a solution for Base Marambio, especially in a continent that has so much potential. We are excited to chip in with our service and hope this project continues to grow with new challenges”, commented Nestor Nocetti, EVP of Corporate Affairs and Globant co-founder, “We always dream big, seeking to create a global company that generates a positive impact in the community. In a way, we are making history. This step proves that nothing is impossible.” he concluded.

The Globers (Globant employees) that will carry out this project were selected from a internal contest in which they had to present a proposal to solve the problematics of Base Marambio. Moreover, one of the basic requirements was to present a “federal team”, meaning team members had to come from different cities where Globant has offices.  “For this project we aimed to assemble a team that represented the entire country. We wanted to show that there’s talent and willpower to create software solutions that will not only benefit Argentina, but also the  world.” Englebienne added.

At the beginning of this month two of the five Globant professionals will travel to Base Marambio. They will work on the first stage of the pro-bono project. During the second stage, the three remaining Globers will take their place to finish the project. The Globers working from Antarctica are Ignacio Saslavsky (Rosario), Natalia Imhoff (Córdoba), Bárbara Meclazcke (Tandil), Mariano Salvetti (Buenos Aires) y Mauricio Gullotto (Rosario). They will be sharing their experiences in Antarctica from their twitter accounts and their blog


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