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Globant participates in the MIT G-Lab

Buenos Aires, November 17th, 2005 – The MIT Global Entrepreneurship Laboratory (G-Lab) invited Globant –the leader IT outsourcing company in Argentina- to be a Host Company in the course. As a result, the enterprise will host four of its students in January, when they will arrive to write a business case about the company.

Furthermore, the MIT invited Globant to impart a class and present its project to the Sloan School of Management’s students.

Being a Host Company in the G-lab
Globant -an emerging enterprise who offers IT to first class clients from all over the world- was selected among 80 companies from all over the world to be a Host Company in the G-Lab of the MIT Sloan School of Management.

The G-lab teaches students about entrepreneurship in developing countries by imparting classes and placing them in internships with start-ups in an array of companies in various emerging markets. Thus, a four-member team works with each Host Company –which comes from all over the world- in a consulting project, where they study and develop a problem or strategy set by each enterprise. Among every Host Companies, Globant was one of the most requested by the students.

Two Americans (Erik Yeager and Roger Premo), a Bulgarian (Ina Trantcheva) and a Japanese (Shingo Murakami) are in charge of writing a business case about Globant: between October and December they will run an investigation about its target markets and on January they will travel to Buenos Aires in order to work on-site with Globant.

After this study, they will make their final presentation, where they will suggest a strategy to penetrate and strength their forces on the USA and European markets, taking into account their Open Source expertise and the different business lines followed with their first class clients.

“Globant can be fully benefited, because while it started focusing on recruiting and service delivery, now it wants to establish and widen its sales forces on Europe and USA”, assures Martín Migoya, Globant´s CEO.

A dynamic class
The relationship with the MIT is bonding deeply. After being chosen as Host Company, Globant was invited to impart a class to the MIT Sloan School of Management´s students. On November 8th, two of Globant founders, Martín Migoya and Guibert Englebienne –CTO-, talked to almost 160 students from different countries about the past, present and future of their company.

Migoya and Englebienne showed the speedy growth of this “ballooning” company: despite being founded only three years ago, Globant reached U$S 5.6 million in sales during 2005.

“The students were interested basically on Globant´s growth, its objectives and challenges and our experience of being entrepreneurs in an emerging market such as Argentina”, explains Guibert Englebienne.

Globant was invited to participate in the course by Richard Locke and Shari Loessberg, professors of the Global Entrepreneurship Laboratory in the Sloan School of Management. They are both professionals specialized in entrepreneurship: Loessberg has founded Big World, a strategy firm focused on new ventures in new markets, and Zeta Networks, an optical networking firm built on technology developed at MIT; while Locke stands up as an specialist on Entrepreneurship in Non-US Settings, Comparative Political Economy, Labor Relations.

Through its relation with MIT, Globant wants to improve, widen its market and obtain greater competitive advantages.

About Globant

Globant is one of the fastest growing global IT services companies in Latin America. Its flexibility and abilities quickly made Globant a global player in the extremely competitive IT market, with first-class clients, specially located in USA and Europe. 
Globant offers a wide portfolio of solutions – from software development and infrastructure management, to software globalization -- and is extremely experienced in open source technologies and agile methodologies. Globant’s teams provide services internationally, always backed up by their offices in Buenos Aires, Tandil, London, San Francisco and Boston.

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