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Empowered by new technologies, consumers and new digital competitors are changing what is expected from brands.

This new scenario pushes companies to face profound transformations in order to stay ahead of their markets. They need to rethink their strategy to create relevant, unique, personalized and memorable experiences that enrich the relationship between their brands and the customers.

To fully implement a digital and cognitive transformation, at Globant we help our customers stay relevant within their industries and audiences by providing helpful information and initiatives to understand the users’ environment, competitors and user behavior. We invite you to enjoy our published books that provide insights to help organizations create valuable and emotional experiences for the audience.

Embracing the power of AI


Recent advancements in AI―including machine learning (ML), deep learning, and natural language processing (NLP)―have ignited a dialogue about the ways businesses interact with their customers, partners, and competitors. Embracing the Power of AI will help you demystify deep learning, machine learning, and artificial intelligence―and embrace the augmented intelligence revolution ahead.

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The never ending digital journey


The Never-Ending Digital Journey provides readers with the concepts and steps needed to create successful user experiences. The authors look ahead and explore digital scenarios of the future. They probe how technology is changing the way users interact with brands, and they address today’s digital challenges with new ways of surprising consumers, integrating design and engineering.

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