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Technology and data

Technology and Data

We build technology environments that are future-fit and ready to quickly scale

Technology is at the core of every successful organization today. Creating a new path into the future means combining the power of new technologies and data to build state-of-the-art capabilities.

To deliver world-class experiences you need to adopt the technology skills to design, architect and then implement new digital products and services. We embrace the power of artificial intelligence and automation to enable organizations to become more efficient and effective. But, more importantly, we thrive by building technology environments that are future-fit and ready to quickly scale based on your business needs.

The power of technology and data is the path to the future, and we’re here to help you pave your way in.

Studios that enable us to deliver exceptional outcomes in this pillar

Scalable Platforms

Provides the bases to enable digital transformations by providing scalable and robust architectures that meet business needs.

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Quality Engineering

Focuses on reducing business risks with a comprehensive suite of innovative and robust testing services.

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Combines the best cloud technologies, continuous integration and continuous delivery practices to facilitate new ways of doing business.

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Data & AI

Empowering organizations with competitive advantage by unlocking the value of data to create meaningful and actionable business insights.

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UI Engineering

Building the next generation of digital products using the latest user interface technologies and architectures.

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Helping businesses create safe and secure products from conceptualization to execution, while reducing their cybersecurity risks.

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Brings to life technology solutions to the device ecosystem, as well as the abundance of additional applications of the internet of things.

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Digital Experience Platforms

Crafting contextualized cross-channel experiences across customer digital journeys.

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Life Sciences

Using technology to provide people with better health, equality and a more sustainable world.

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Driving decentralized reinvention

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Augmented Accelerators

We’ve become an augmented organization by creating and implementing in our company a set of accelerators and disruptors. They are intelligently crafted to reinvent key aspects of organizations, creating a way forward in unimaginable ways. They harness the power of technology and artificial intelligence and a variety of emerging and tip-top technologies to take any company’s capabilities to the next level and contribute to the advancement of the technology industry.

Our Pillars

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Engaging Experiences
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Adaptive Organizations
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Augmented Capabilities
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