Consumer Experience

The online consumer experience has become a defining moment in business. Companies must engage and retain the most demanding online users.

Our Consumer Experience Studio is focused on building innovative, scalable and appealing Internet-based solutions that enhance the end-user’s online experience. By combining our engineering capabilities with our experience in innovation and architecture design, we are able to produce scalable and appealing business-to-consumer online destinations for global audiences, enabling end-users to both interact and transact better, faster and more intuitively.


  • FCM


    We live and breathe ecommerce anywhere anytime. Creating meaningful interactions regardless the channel, being always omnirelevant, we have designed and implemented high volume gateways with multiple payment methods, checkout flows and various creative shopping experiences. From the simple shopping funnels to the most complex digital stores and omnichannel marketplaces, we leverage our own custom solutions or using the most important ecommerce platforms to build unique experiences for online buyers, and also work with an ecosystem of partners in this space.

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  • API


    API Management is a group of best practices and patterns to be applied on the architecture and design of an ecosystem, focused on its service layer, which allows to accelerate the digital transformation and scale your business in an agile way. It aims to integrate all digital and real channels behind an API layer that supports the user journey. It fosters the creation of an ecosystem of digital products and their interoperability. Rich applications with multi-device support and a seamless digital journey experience are based on the groundwork of the API Management practice.

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  • SDJ


    A Seamless Digital Journey is the set of practices and technologies that help companies move away from a fragmented set of tools to a unified approach that guides the user through a multiplatform, context-aware, seamless experience. This approach reaches the core foundations of this new relationship between companies, users, and data. To give the user a Seamless experience during their journey we have to take into consideration Multi Device technical pillar providing techniques to develop an ecosystem of products with a consistent experience across the user journey. A Digital Journey targets all devices and platforms by default, making use of the latest frontend and backend tools that provide a single architecture and codebase display with the right functionality in any platform. This also allows for the decoupling of data and the frontend through services based on the backend as a core concept.

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