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Humanizing the technology

Conversational experiences provide new opportunities to engage in human & frictionless ways. Our accelerators can take your company into your customers’ home via Alexa, Google Home or WhatsApp. Our platform can also integrate seamlessly into your enterprise business software.

conversational interfaces
Assistants & Channels
Whether you want to have a presence in Alexa, Whatsapp or Slack, our platform has connectors for all of them, allowing setup, enabling or disabling them as needed.
Conversation Engine
Our platform has built in features to accelerate your way into the 'assistants' world. We have components for onboarding, corporate login, connecting to Salesforce or even complete business domains as virtual wallets.
Natural Language Processing
You are probably evaluating between Rasa or DialogFlow for processing natural language. We can help you make up your mind or even switch between them seamlessly if you decide to do so.
Conversational Transformation
Your business needs to be part of the conversational revolution, your customers want to engage your digital channels in a more natural way. We can help you fill the GAP of the multidisciplinary team required to build that custom experience from the ground. We have experience designing, building and testing conversations through different channels.
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Provides new opportunities to engage in human & frictionless ways.
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