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Turning data into insights

We break down internal data silos that have different data structures, velocities and volumes, and enrich that data with external sources, creating a scalable Enterprise Data Platform that will arise as the single version of the truth, democratizing the data and fostering organizational changes towards a data-driven culture. Our Data Engineers combine data, business processes, and state-of-the-art IT tools and algorithms that enable businesses to engage in a deeper, interactive and more meaningful conversation with their data, using visual discovery techniques to reveal hidden patterns and trends and obtain relevant and useful business insights for decision-making purposes.

In our big data studio, we are all about the data. Our mission is to empower our clients with a competitive advantage by unlocking the true value of data to create meaningful, actionable and timely business insights.


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Data Architecture
With the wide usage of devices and the virialization of social networks, a wave of massive volumes of digital data has become available. Companies are trying to take an advantage and extract valuable conclusions around their business cross referencing data with traditional and innovative unstructured sources. We offer business-aware real time analytics and enterprise information management services, which include both traditional data warehousing using relational database management systems and next-generation non-relational and distributed database management technology.
Data Science
When you want to go further than understanding your data, you need the mathematical and statistical tools of data science to "fill the gap" between what you know from your data, and what you would like to know if all data was available and gathered before time. This includes predictions, optimizations, classifications. In a nutshell, what else can i learn from the data. What new knowledge is implied in the data that i couldn't access before.
Data Integration
Everybody agrees in the importance of having an holistic view of the business, but creating a scalable Enterprise Data Refinery that can pull and consolidate massives amounts of data from heterogeneous systems is not an easy task. We provide development services over multiple tools, languages and platforms in order to create data pipelines and workflows with high standards of availability, performance and security that will pull, cleanse, enrich and consolidate your company's data.
Data Visualization
Well designed Data Viz and Dashboards go beyond current status and indicators, and synthesize complex sets of data into key views, charts, and graphs, revealing results in ways that common tools and spreadsheets can never achieve. The functionality to drill data down and to integrate the view with Statistics and BI tools, further the end users' ability to glean insights from masses of numbers. We enable users to engage in an interactive and more relevant conversation with their data, allowing users to explore the unknown, navigate the data and discover hidden patterns and trends on their own.
Mission Critical
We partner with our clients in successfully executing highly complex strategic software projects, optimizing their architecture design and identifying potential bottlenecks early in the process. We give special attention to factors such as adaptability when user base increases or information volume grows, maintainability along time, providing dynamically scalable software architectures, enforce data security from the ground up, and ensuring transactions are processed within required timeframes to avoid revenue loss.
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Unlocks the true value of data to create meaningful and actionable business insights.
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