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Discovering the real value of data
Data & AI | Globant
Using Design Thinking methodologies, we partner with companies’ internal teams to discover, define, and build the best data products and data strategies to meet their business needs. Following agile methodologies we evolve them from early definitions to get them live in production, ensuring through the process that business stakeholders are involved and aligned to the final product.

Our expertise allows us to create a wide variety of end to end solutions for industries including finance, travel, media & entertainment, retail, health, among others. We democratize data and foster organizational changes towards a data-driven culture.

Our team combines data, business processes, and state-of-the-art tools and algorithms to enable businesses to engage in a deeper, interactive and more meaningful conversation with their data, empowering our clients with competitive advantage by unlocking true value and creating meaningful, actionable and timely business insights.

Data Strategy

Data can be a side effect of your operations or a pivotal element in your business strategy. There is no modern strategy without data. Data strategy is about how you capture, analyze, maintain and process data in order to augment your business value. It’s also about the technology and design choices to build that value in a scalable, reliable and reproducible way, and the tools you set in place to improve the way your people can make and act on their decisions. With our extensive experience and top notch technical expertise and business acumen, we guide our clients in empowering their business models through data, consult on technological decisions, and on the processes and change management to make them effective.


Having collected and accessed the right data means a lot, but the greatest value comes from analyzing and interpreting the data, in order to understand the situation, generate new insights and decide on actionable outcomes. This requires a data-savviness for which most businesses lack bandwidth, coupled with business knowledge where they excel. We partner with our clients to extract the best information from their data and assist them in their operations and strategy side by side and day to day.

Your Data as a Product (DaaP)

Companies understand that data is part of their most valuable assets. That is why we work together to co-create data products and get the most value from them. Our expertise in different business verticals allows us to execute projects following best practices and quality standards. With the premise to generate internal and external value through data, we help our clients create a variety of solutions with different focuses such as improving customer experience, optimizing costs, generating revenue, obtaining data insights, among others.

Data Platforms

Exploiting valuable and relevant data is of paramount importance to the success of modern organizations, from harnessing insights up to generating revenue streams from novel data products. Data platforms have emerged as the cornerstone solution that enables organizations to efficiently exploit and benefit from data in a cost-efficient, scalable and secure manner. We partner with our clients to design and build data platforms as integrated technology solutions that enclose the elements required to support the entire data lifecycle, from data governance to AI and machine learning models.


Companies have embraced the concept of DevOps in the last couple of years which has enabled them to make software reach scale at levels not seen before. Data products such as data visualizations or AI models also need a similar set of practices that help the organization manage their availability in a similar fashion and so reach scale. Our experience in software engineering combined with our deep knowledge of data & AI has allowed us to develop MLOps practices that enable organizations to manage these products at scale. MLOps means graduating from POCs into full scale enterprise data solutions.