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Digital Experience Platforms

They come first

Successfully navigate the experience economy

Globant’s Digital Experience Platforms studio focuses on crafting contextualized cross-channel experiences across customer digital journeys. We do this with seamless, personalized as well as scaled solutions.

We are ready to navigate the Experience Economy

A true Digital Experience Platform must be ready to cover all kinds of experiences: customer experience, multi-experience, user experience and employee experience.

A Digital Experience Platform combines a myriad of features, such as digital marketing, e-commerce, machine learning, automation, digital asset management, to name a few.

We create multidisciplinary teams, where each individual brings their deep expertise from their own studio.


Augmented CMS

The right content to the right person on the right device at the right time. At the heart of every DXP there must be a cutting-edge content management system that allows businesses to customize experiences on every channel where customers engage with their brand.

We can help you create omnichannel experiences. We do this by delivering an integrated cross-channel content strategy that enables a business to manage multiple channels and customer interactions, with the result of a unified experience for the customer.

At the forefront of a unified experience is an enterprise-wide approach to two key things: identity management and customer data.

Through predictive personalization we deliver relevant and ubiquitous content to each consumer.

Augmented Commerce

Be at each of your customers’ engagement touchpoints, simply and efficiently Through design-led thinking we discover your consumers’ ideal touch points and decide the digital channels they need to reach you ubiquitously. Augmented reality, voice-user interface, unmanned kiosks, rewards, gamification. Everything is on the table.

Next, their experience is personalized through predictive analytics. On the operations side, we handle packaging optimization and pricing models.

An event-driven architecture together with scalable and secure platforms are the solid base upon which we build all of the above.


Speed, security & convenience. Consumers want to be able to pay for goods and services as easily as they browse social media. We’re moving quickly to an increasingly cashless economy around the world. 

We know the environment. From the technology you will need, tokenization, biometrics, to a deep understanding of the different regulatory environments. We also know the challenges. The lack of standardization, consumers lacking in familiarity, and of course cybersecurity.

We can quickly implement new digital methods, such as with contactless payments and digital wallets.

Educational Technology

We embrace technology to make learning more engaging. That’s when learning takes place. We are ready to create engaging online learning products that inspire us all to keep learning and develop new skills. We provide dedicated services for educational organizations in need of digital learning solutions, as well as for businesses looking to transform how they train their employees.

Our services include:

Course digitalization. We help businesses and institutions digitize their trainings, onboardings, and courses.

Immersive learning. We create immersive, augmented reality learning experiences for virtual field trips and more.

Scale. We help enhance, maintain, and support the scaling of your learning solutions.

Connect & manage. We implement solutions that connect parents, teachers, and students to monitor progress and take action.

Data analytics. We help you identify, gather, and analyze user consumption data, enabling you to personalize the learning experience.

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IDC MarketScape recognizes Globant as a 2020 worldwide leader in CX improvement

The research company IDC recognized Globant as one of the leaders in their “MarketScape: Worldwide Customer Experience Improvement Services 2020 Vendor Assessment” report. This IDC MarketScape study represents a vendor assessment of the customer experience (CX) improvement services market through the IDC MarketScape model.

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Consumers in Context

We are in the middle of a re-invention era, and customer experience needs to be re-invented with new values, channels and technologies to put consumers at the center.

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