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Digital Marketing

Making brands more engaging

Capturing hearts, minds, and market share.


Marketing Strategy

We develop digital marketing strategies focused on business needs. We rethink how marketing is done - shifting from product-centric to customer-centric. We can help you introduce a digital marketing strategy, create a brand position, and re-define your go-to-market strategy.




Marketing Analytics

We believe that being data-driven is imperative for making business decisions in the digital transformation era. We can help you use data to answer business questions, discover and enhance your relationships, predict unknown outcomes, and automate decisions.


We create and implement content strategies based on a brand’s business goals, challenges, and audiences. We believe in content as a way to develop awareness and authority for a brand. We provide content strategy, creation, publishing, moderation, and optimization services.

Social Media

The best way to be customer-centric is to create direct conversations with customers and prospects, engaging with them where they are, and deliver relevant, compelling messaging. We provide social media strategy, community management, and social media listening services.


We help organizations give their brand a voice and a personality. We are ready to improve your brand and domain authority, and attract more qualified traffic. We do this via search engine optimization (SEO), as well as app store optimization (ASO) strategies and services.

Marketing Intelligence

We use and interpret data to detect marketing opportunities and trends relevant to drive business goals forward. We are ready to help you gain a deep understanding of your marketing-related data, delivering dashboards, reports, and actionable insights analysis.

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising in today’s climate means we have to rethink and rebuild traditional media plans. We craft campaigns that leverage relevant data while staying cost-conscious. Our services include SEM, social and display ads, monetization, programmatic advertising, and direct selling.

Marketing Automation

We use marketing automation technologies to be customer-centric and deliver personalized communications. We have experience with all major automation tools. We can help you measure the ROI of your marketing efforts, nurture and score leads, automate tasks and workflows, and more.

Success Story

Globant helped develop the "Todo Pago" app, a virtual wallet with a powerful user experience and new payment solutions for businesses


Marketing and AI in action

The marketing arena is changing, and we are bringing that change forward.

With the use of artificial intelligence we can anticipate customer behavior and personalize content to drive better and more impactful engagement. 

Marketing Engagement

We are curious, and we put that curiosity into action. Take a look at these examples of how we have worked with different clients around the world.
Boosting the digital presence of a sport star

We partnered with an Argentine sports superstar in order to help him take his digital presence to the next level, expanding and monetizing his global footprint by creating a full digital hub around his persona.

Developing a digital marketing strategy for a pharmaceutical giant

We helped one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world gain a more thorough, data-driven understanding of its customers. Based on this, we created new marketing automation campaigns.

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