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Digital Performance


technology delivery

Super-charge Dev-Ops to increase speed, reliability, and reduce rework. 

We reinvent how people, processes and technology work together, because teams that are valued produce the most valuable work.


Even the strongest organizations need a trainer. Globant’s Digital Performance studio is the culmination of 20 years of expertise transforming technology delivery. Our approach is powered by data, methodologies and tools built from knowledge gained by delivering thousands of technology programs and portfolios for hundreds of blue-chip clients. Bringing together our most senior architects, developers and global operations experts, we help clients to build and manage world-class technology organizations.
Introducing Digital Performance insights: Tools to build the strongest teams

Dimensions Insights Examine:


Built based on your organizational structure, workstreams and priorities. Drill into data to identify opportunities and diagnose issues across all other dimensions.


Cross-team dependencies and integration of team resources and capacity. Identify process flow, collaboration, and resource issues.


Technical practices and approaches applied: from planning to deployment to change management. Identify capability levels, gaps, and their consistency across teams and org.

Performance Enablement

Key performance factors that deliver desired business outcomes. Understand how well teams are empowered to perform at their best.


Individual and team satisfaction, recognition, and overall support. Identify attrition risks and their root causes.

globant - studio - digital performance
globant - studio - digital performance

What Digital Performance Insights can do for your business

By utilizing these advanced tools, you can swiftly identify and address obstacles, enhancing business expansion. For instance, with AI solutions at your disposal, you will experience accelerated progress, superior development outcomes, a thriving company culture, and heightened employee satisfaction.

Digital Performance Survey

As an executive, you manage increasing complexity and risk as your responsibilities grow. Take our Digital Performance Survey to evaluate your organization's software delivery performance and development culture and identify risks, opportunities & more.

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