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Digital Sales

Increasing Digital Sales through New Marketing, Data & Technology.

Disrupting traditional sales to increase efficiency and ROI

Our Digital Sales Studio solves key business problems and boosts results by disrupting traditional sales and marketing through our end-to-end model with customer data and lead management technology at the core.


Media & Traffic Acquisition

Every sales strategy requires a focus on building a robust top of the funnel. Working alongside our Digital Marketing and Design Studios, we create seamless and frictionless experiences by blending the physical and digital experience to engage with clients and prospects. We use zero and first-party data to understand both online and offline behavior and target the right audience. We use advanced segmentation engines to personalize every interaction. And we develop unique media strategies blending traditional and non-traditional channels to be relevant at every interaction.

Advanced Lead Management

Being successful in the intermediate stages of the Customer Journey requires a dedicated, cutting-edge approach: we leverage Lead Qualification and Conversion Rate Optimization initiatives by using Artificial Intelligence and personalization engines with a clear performance-oriented focus. Our Advanced Lead Generation practice will help you to reach desired engagement levels with relevant, dynamic, and personalized content as you drive prospects towards acquiring your products or services.

Lead to Sales

Achieving high conversion rates requires keeping complete end-to-end tracking of all interactions taking place around every digital asset and channel. Through our advanced attribution models and using the latest technology, we can increase success rates by integrating relevant data points (contact center, owned media, offline data, among others) and obtaining a unified view of the whole Customer Journey mapped with a sales funnel. Visualizing and using that information can help to build and adjust your strategies and turn qualified leads into sales.

Customer Development

Building strong, long-term client relationships and developing cross-selling and up-selling strategies is a must to increase revenues and reduce churn. By using innovative channels and assets, we deliver unique experiences in creative and new formats to customers, getting higher lifetime values and promoting advocacy. We collect and process the most relevant data to understand customer behavior so we are able to deliver more efficient marketing strategies.

Data, Martech & Adtech

MarTech and AdTech capabilities are the transversal pillars of the comprehensive Digital Sales transformation. Under the new scene, we prepare marketers to collect, manage and activate data properly through connected architectures to create more relevant and identity-based experiences. We use a sustainable approach that ensures data quality, tech expertise, agile implementations and collaborative operations to deliver the best results while managing user consent and privacy properly.

Operational Success

Every transformative Digital Sales strategy requires that companies streamline their organizational models, creating new multi-disciplinary teams with hybrid profiles. These teams have the right technical skills and business knowledge while responsibly using data and technology. We create collaborative Operating and Governance models from scratch, so our clients can conveniently orchestrate internal and external stakeholders and make the right decisions to deliver strong results in Digital Sales.

Sentinel report
sentinel report

Imagining the future of sales

Creating truly seamless customer experiences requires brands to consolidate their efforts in offline and online channels while merging internal factors like IT, marketing, and business operations as much as possible. Want to learn how? Download our latest Sentinel Report.

unscripted tech podcast

Trust in your brand means more data

Unscripted Tech is a new Globant original podcast about the trends that are changing how the technology game is played.

In this episode, Delfina Casal, Digital Marketing Studio Director, Pablo Monge, Global Head of Digital Sales, and Gonzalo Zarza, Data Studio Partner, discuss why trust in your brand means more data.

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