The Enterprise Consumerization studio designs and builds enterprise solutions that enable organizations to focus on employees as well as individual consumers by providing a new innovative experience to workers while developing competitive business models.

Enterprise-level applications used to have a classic approach in the way they were conceived and in how users interacted with them. User interaction with innovative technology is now a part of everyday life, and those same users expect the enterprise ecosystem to follow the same or similar trends.

We provide appealing and robust solutions that increase adoption, productivity, create competitive advantages, foster innovation, and bring agility to enterprise. Our team is responsible for bringing new technologies and techniques to the enterprise environment in order to provide access to essential information, help users to increase collaboration, improve critical and core processes, and facilitate access to available information while envisioning user experience and usability with the concept of users as consumers.


  • TM


    The real fuel and energy behind a company’s growth and success comes from its employees; yet managing human capital can be a challenge without the right products. We have expertise in building digital journeys covering all areas of human capital management that will keep employees engaged and more productive through their life in the company, helping to fulfill its vision and purpose.

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  • FCD


    We provide strong expertise in cloud development for the enterprise, including private and public clouds, as well as hybrid architectures We help our clients move their applications to the cloud, and, at the same time, redesign the user experience for a longer and better engagement with their employees. In the Salesforce area, we use our understanding of our client’s unique business to provide high-impact customizations by extending models, services and views alongside our broad experience in integrations and workflows design.

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  • CS


    Collaboration is the key to enable employees to share information, experiences, knowledge, simplify the communication process, and accelerate the pace of business operations. Properly managing unstructured information is a big challenge, and we act as enablers by providing strategies, methods and tools to capture, store, preserve and deliver content and documents related to organizational processes. The next step is to make this information more sharable and to bring the power of social networking into the workplace and to help your employees be more effective.

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  • EO


    Through a product envisioning process we provide your organization access to a new horizon, putting the insights, business needs and technology trends together to redefine a corporate reality into a new and more desirable, integrated and powerful truth. By designing innovative applications that will transform and create new processes for an organization, we enable companies to gain competitive advantage through the use of unique capabilities that are often unmatched by competitors.

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