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Connecting the physical world

Our Internet of Things Studio brings to life new technology solutions to current devices ecosystem, as well as an abundance of additional applications of the Internet of Things. We help our customers to develop their new product ideas and gather information about behavior, activities and sensor-collected data, and then process all the information to develop new services.

iot studio
IoT Experiences
Native wearable and embedded development. Our experience in development and open source tools, position us with the experience needed to handle new digital connected journeys based on current technology. Our engineers are ready to integrate the next generation of devices.
Interaction and feedback, to and from devices and highly scalable platforms and real time analysis to respond to different scenarios. All the data produced by wearables and IoT enabled devices can be collected, stored and processed on the appropriate data platform. Extracting knowledge and valuable insights by applying the right Big Data strategy or enabling intelligent interactions. At the intersection of IoT and Big Data you get the best of both worlds.
Hardware Integration
Hardware design and integration. Connection between sensors and backend services through devices or hardware, our team can handle different approaches from custom made hardware to integration with third party providers.
IoT Consultancy
We help our clients by researching, consulting and advising based in our core expertise in Product Engineering and Digital Transformation.
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Helps our customers develop their products and gather information about behavior, activities and sensor-collected data.
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