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We open portals into the metaverse

Solve real-world problems through a digital environment

The Metaverse Studio focuses on opening portals to digital spaces for our partners by providing a seamless pipeline for digital twin generation and enhanced content production systems, resulting in a presence in the different virtual online worlds
We help companies create and operate their new virtual spaces where they can extend their brand presence, offering, and creativity, maximizing engagement with their clients and employees while reinventing their business verticals.

Metaverse Services

Projection to the metaverse

Strategic Consulting program aimed at exploring the business needs, the fit of different existing metaverses, the limitations, the implementation and operation costs involved, as well as a custom creation program plan for your particular scenario.

We help brands to explore the different storytelling options available to digitize their culture and services and define the proper steps for implementation with the proper art style and visualization support.

projection to the metaverse mobile
projection to the metaverse

Virtual Worlds & Digital Twins

We help the top centralized and decentralized metaverses gateway and systems providers all over the world by supporting their product, engineering, infrastructure, art, and quality assurance needs across different platforms and regions.

We CoCreate Simulations, Synthetic environments, and Industry 4.0 Software solutions that support our client implementations and visions of the Metaverse.

virtual worlds and digital twins mobile
virtual worlds and digital twins desktop

Virtual Productions

We create the most compelling content production assets that supports different campaigns and uses across different industries.

We are experts in art production pipeline and real time productions using game engines. We design and implement product showcases and virtual venues, and provide event support and immersive training development.

virtual productions mobile
virtual productions desktop

Some of the tools and technologies we use

Our Partners
metaverse sentinel
metaverse sentinel

Explore the next technological revolution on our Sentinel Report: Metaverse

The metaverse represents a foundational piece of the next technological revolution. It has the potential to offer new experiences for communities, new economies, and new interactions among humans. Ready for immersive experiences?


The value of Digital Twins

Unscripted Tech is a new Globant original podcast about the trends that are changing how the technology game is played.  

Listen to Martin Szenig, VP of Technology, Diego Jaimes, IoT Engineer and IoT practice lead, and Matias Rodriguez, VP of Technology at Globant Games discuss the good and bad uses of the concept of twins and how technologies like AI are enabling those twins to be more robust.

Success Stories

Globant and DIRECTV bring the Wold Cup to the metaverse

A virtual stadium that blurred the barriers between physical and digital to reinvent entertainment.

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Direct TV mobile
Direct TV

Bridging the gap between music and the Metaverse with Pixelynx

What do you get when you explore the intersection between music, gaming and web3? Learn how Globant teamed up with Pixelynx to create a next generation music gaming company.

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Pixelynx - mobile
Pixelynx -
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