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Enabling mobility everywhere

Whether you need to build a new app, mobilize an existing product or maintain an existing solution, which can be Native, Hybrid or built through Cross-Compilers, with over 200 projects executed, our Mobile Studio is experienced on the latest tools and frameworks to help you reach your business goals.

Leveraging on our experience in Agile Methodologies, cross-industries knowledge, and a combination of both state-of-the-art and traditional UI tactics, Globant provides clients with true value when creating or improving their Mobile strategy.

The Mobile Studio builds and evolves Mobile Applications, from inception to release in Stores, partnering with our client teams always looking for 5-star ratings.

Mobile Development - Mobile Strategy Studio - Globant
Whether you have no experience building mobile apps, you have a bunch of products but not development standards, or you are experiencing team scalability issues, we can help you move towards the next maturity stage regarding mobility. Based on our experience working with over 100 organizations, from startups to fortune-500 companies, we built our consultancy framework to assess your organization’s maturity and provide solutions to deliver high quality mobile products.
Fast Prototyping
Our SWAT team can build a working prototype to validate your business idea or jumpstart your project to a scalable solution in record time. We achieve this by using an already tested base tech stack and platforms minimizing coding.
App Evolution
We will help you take control of your legacy projects by incorporating the latest trends and technologies, whether you need to switch vendors, update your codebase, migrate between hybrid and native, or rebuild from scratch your existing product. Our sustain framework will detect potential issues on your apps regarding new OS versions or required updates on frameworks you might be using.
Platform Integration
Most mobile apps require a connection to a backend. While most boutiques fail at integrations, our Studios Model and extensive experience implementing most API Management Systems, Custom or Out-Of-The-Box Microservices Solutions, we completely stand apart from the rest.
Enhanced Experiences
We consider your product an experience for the user. We take the best of the available technical features to deliver rich and emotional moments using Augmented Reality, Biometric sign-in, Force Touch, Apple/Google Pay, Animations, Coregraphics, Geofencing Services, Rich Notifications or any specific technology which is only achievable by building a native custom experience
Hardware Integration
Hardware design and integration. Connection between sensors and backend services through devices or hardware, our team can handle different approaches from custom made hardware to integration with third party providers.
Complex Engineering
Our team of performance experts will help you develop low level integration with frameworks like NDK or by using C++ to improve performance on critical transactional applications and develop scalable architectures that will help you build the core of your suit of mobile products.
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Provides clients with true value for their mobile strategy, from inception to release in Stores.
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