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  • Scalable Platforms

    Enabling digital products through robust and future proof architecture

  • We strategically partner with your organization to face together, and provide advice on, the technological challenges of the future.

    We can help you achieve business success by engineering a reliable future proof platform to build the foundational backbone that will underpin your business transformation. To enable digital products through a robust composable architecture we apply our best practices and patterns on the design of an ecosystem which allows you to accelerate your business in an agile way.

    For companies that are looking to enable digital products through a robust and future proof architecture, either from a green or brownfield, Globant’s Scalable Platforms Studio provides a proven path to strategize, build and evolve digital platforms, that set the foundational backbone to underpin the client’s business transformation. Unlike other vendor centric approaches that generate lock-in, Globant’s agnostic approach produces the optimal solution aligned to business needs, by applying our talent, best practices and design patterns with best of breed partner ecosystem.

Strategic Architecture Consulting
In a world where companies are looking to grow and gain distinctive competitive advantage through technical innovation, strategic alignment between business and technology has become critical. Identifying gaps between business and technology strategies, understanding your IT stack maturity level, deciding between build vs buy and defining a technology roadmap that makes sense to your organization are just a few of the complexities. We help you to manage these intricacies with an agile view. We apply our wide experience working with best practices, methodologies and cutting-edge techniques.
Platform Evolution
Solutions that are not properly maintained and evolved, become more complex over time, due to short-term fixes, increased technical debt, lack of proper testing coverage, inadequate CI/CD strategy, among others. Changes and releases become more complex and riskier, since development teams struggle to understand the potential impacts & side effects of the changes they are implementing. As a result, solutions become unable to meet the business’ targeted time-to-market, and it’s not possible to leverage new technologies nor seize optimization opportunities. We focus on helping companies evolve and run their applications efficiently by allocating teams that are specialized in evolving and maintaining existing ecosystems.
Augmented Composable Solutions
Augmented Composable Solutions can adapt and rearrange their capabilities based on changes to an organizations’ business needs. The pace of change is ever increasing, and this will continue to drive a faster pace for digital transformation. APIs backed by evolutionary architectures like microservices deployed into cloud native environments enable adaptability, fast scalability, time-to-market and better access to information. Increasing organizational capacity to generate insights and augment information through AI helps respond quickly to market demands and reduce inefficiencies.

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