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UI Engineering

Building digital products
UI Engineering | Globant
We specialize in building the next generation of digital products leveraging the latest user interface technologies and architectures, multidevice techniques, big scale applications, component-based systems, intelligent user interfaces, and the latest trends in user experience.

By providing a set of UI practices and technologies we create engaging products through interactive interfaces, that persist across multiple channels and devices, independent of platforms and delivering the same experience in a frictionless way. These interfaces are aware of users, from context to context, device to device and act proactively making the experience simpler, leaner, faster and suggesting new behaviors based on its interactions.

We deliver the best digital products for users, making use of tools, frameworks and components, providing a single architecture and codebase with the right functionality in any platform.


Frontend Experiences

Whether you have little experience building websites and applications, or have numerous products but are experiencing issues in your development, or you need guidance to follow different kinds of standards and policies, we can help you improve your maturity and capabilities.

Based on our experience working with organizations, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, we built our “Comprehensive Strategies Framework” to assess your organization’s maturity and provide solutions to deliver high quality products.



Designing and developing for accessibility doesn’t just help people with special needs, it helps everyone. We develop our apps across all form factors with accessibility as a priority, ensuring that information is easily available to each and every customer of your product. We do this by including accessibility into the whole product life-cycle.

From inception, design and specification throughout development and delivery, we have the knowledge required and expertise to build accessibility compliant applications according to different policies and regulations, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in the United States.


Web Solutions

In a world where web applications deal with more data and users every day, we help companies build scalable web solutions to support the growth of their businesses, and create digital products and seamless experiences.

Native & Hybrid Applications

Apps are the heart of mobile phones. Being present in mobile stores allows businesses to expand their audience, along with becoming part of their customers’ daily lives. We allow companies to choose the option that best suits their needs.

Cross Compiled

What users demand about technology is changing and the need to provide the right experience is becoming more complex. We provide the right solutions to create a frictionless experience for any kind of device while sharing the same codebase.

Enhanced Experiences

In order to create the best possible frontend experiences we take the most relevant technical features to deliver rich and emotional moments. We use everything from augmented reality, biometric sign-in, force touch, Apple/Google Pay, animations, Core Graphics, geofencing services, rich notifications, to any specific technology required to build a custom experience. We extend this to different interfaces to ensure the same experience across the ecosystem, regardless of whether on a computer, smart watch or streaming player.