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UI Engineering

Building digital products

Building the future of interaction for maximum results

By providing a set of UI practices and technologies we create engaging products through interactive interfaces, that persist across multiple channels and devices, independent of platforms and delivering the same experience in a frictionless way. These interfaces are aware of users, from context to context, device to device and act proactively making the experience simpler, leaner, faster and suggesting new behaviors based on its interactions.

We deliver the best digital products for users, making use of tools, frameworks and components, providing a single architecture and codebase with the right functionality in any platform.


Multi-channel front-end experiences

Our expertise in developing applications across multiple channels has helped our clients strengthen their digital presence. We assist our clients to make the right choice for their product development by using our deep pockets of expertise in all major Web and Mobile technologies.

We can help you by:

- Delivering engaging web solutions in the most befitting framework.

- Developing an in-house proficiency of micro-frontend web solutions to offer distributed shipments.

- Creating and scaling Mobile apps. We architect, design, implement, test, and deliver world-class native mobile apps for all platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, and beyond.

- Designing Omni-channel solutions across the varied form-factors using cross-compiled technologies.

- Blending the best practices of both mobile and web technologies to deliver performant hybrid apps to expedite development.

- Exploration and usage of declarative UI frameworks like Flutter, Kotlin - Jetpack Compose, SwiftUI.

- Maximize unit test coverages in our offerings for maintaining top-notch quality.


Sub practices:

- Web Solutions

- Cross-Compiled

- Native Mobile Solutions

- Hybrid Mobile Solutions


Immersive Experiences

We leverage expertise in Extended Reality (XR) and Natural UI (NUI) to enable the users to engage in unique environments, interactions, and experiences. We are making fully touchless future-ready interfaces. Imagine a virtual world where inputs are provided in natural ways like hand gestures while the output arrives in an immersive fashion on a VR headset.

We can help you by:

- Building cutting-edge immersive solutions turning digital virtuality as close as it can get to reality.

- Creating solutions based on Natural UI, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality.

- Development of Touchless UI with inputs from gesture recognition, voice recognition, pupil detection, and more.

- Proficiency in Machine Learning based decision-making from user interactions and gestures.

- High-fidelity interactive 3D rendering through extended reality technologies.

- Focus on providing the best user experience using spatial anchors and hologram technologies.

- Exploration of the latest trends in immersive technologies to create yet more captivating user interfaces.


Sub practices:

- Extended Reality

- Natural UI


Frontend Vitals

Front-end vitals play a fundamental role in the success of any enterprise-level engineering solution.

We have built our in-house expertise in enhancing the scalability, security, and reliability of any solution we deliver, such as:

- Attaining high-performance mobile app ui design best practices for top-notch quality and efficiency.

- Hone our applications with the best possible architectural patterns like MVP, MVVM, Clean Arch., and VIPER.

- Build digital accelerators in the form of seed projects for all frameworks and platforms to bootstrap our projects faster.

- Well-versed with data-structures & algorithms, architectural & design patterns with performance-focused development.

- High-yielding performance using memoization, caching, battery-optimization, networking and CPU/GPU rendering, etc.

- Efficient use of tools like, Lighthouse, Sonarqube, and Firebase to analyze performance metrics that help in gaining actionable insight into application performance.

- Maximizing security awareness for our talent using SSL Pinning, OWASP, Veracode and XSS.


Sub practices:

- Security

- Performance

- Development Vitals


Accessibility and localization are essential to organizations that want to create high-quality products and services reaching the modern diverse and global market. We develop applications that are more inclusive for people with a diverse range of hearing, movement, sight, and cognitive abilities.

- Accessible UI for all by ensuring there are no barriers that prevent interaction with, or access to, WEB/Mobile apps by using WAVE Tool, Storybook A11y, Axe, Accessibility Inspector, and Accessibility Scanner.

- Our applications follow the basic principles of accessibility and are perceivable, operable, robust, and understandable.

- Accessibility best practices are presented and promoted in the early stages of the project as well as the support continues during all the product-building stages.


Sub practices:

- Accessible Web

- Accessible Mobile

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