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Amazon EC2 for Windows Server Delivery

Empower partners to deliver comprehensive security solutions that address the unique challenges and requirements of migrating Windows Server workloads hosted on Amazon EC2.

AWS Managed Service Provider

This proposal addresses challenges for clients looking to migrate and utilize Windows Server workloads on Amazon EC2.

These challenges include vulnerability to cyber threats due to inadequate traditional security measures, compliance requirements in regulated industries, complexity in managing security across dynamic cloud environments, and the risk of data loss or downtime in the event of a security breach.

Amazon EC2 for Windows server Delivery provides a comprehensive security framework tailored for Windows Server environments on Amazon EC2.

Additionally, partnering with this recognition helps clients meet compliance requirements, simplifies security management and operational tasks, and enhances resilience against evolving cyber threats.

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Benefits that elevate your journey

Scalability and Flexibility

Scalable and flexible solution, allowing clients to adapt security measures to changing workload requirements and conditions. Whether scaling infrastructure or evolving over time. Ensures continuous protection without compromising performance or scalability.

Simplified Management

The solutions come with centralized management interfaces that streamline the management of security policies for Windows Server instances on Amazon EC2. This simplifies security management, allowing clients to efficiently monitor, enforce, and update access controls to mitigate emerging threats.


Provides advanced security measures tailored specifically for Windows Server environments on Amazon EC2. This includes granular access controls, multi-factor authentication, and encryption protocols, significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized access and cyber threats.

Reduced Exposure to Cyber Threats

By dynamically creating a "zero trust" network model, minimizes the attack surface, ensuring that only authorized users and devices can access Windows Server workloads. This reduces the risk of data breaches, malware infections, and other cyber attacks.


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