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AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS)

Elastic Container Service (ECS) simplifies the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications, enabling organizations to harness the full potential of containerization technology.

AWS Managed Service Provider

Digital transformation journey brings benefits in terms of new business opportunities, but requires a new set of techstacks for digital transformation. 

They need platforms that provide them access to a rich set of technical capabilities to build, deploy, and run modern applications - such as microservices, APIs, event driven architecture. 

Nowadays, the cloud is the primary hosting platform, containers have become a standard for building modern applications, providing scalability, agility, portability, and resiliency.

Through this recognition, Globant has demonstrated that is fully capable of building and modernizing applications into AWS ECS as well as AWS EKS.


AWS Partner Highlights

5 AWS Competencies

3 AWS Service Validations

650+ AWS Certifications

42 AWS Black Belt

3 Partner Program

Benefits that elevate your journey


40% better price-performance with Graviton2 processors as compared to current generation x86 based instances, for a broad spectrum of workloads.


Provides cloud native security features like always-on memory encryption, dedicated caches for each CPU, and pointer authentication. Combined with the AWS Nitro System, you can deliver best in class security for your customers and meet any compliance requirements.


Graviton processors use up to 60% less energy for the same performance than comparable x86-based instances, saving the planet and your AWS bill.


Success Cases

A very important utilities company migration and modernization from on-premise to AWS

Using microservices architecture to deploy Java-based and Perl-based containers using AWS ECS.

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Create a scalable solution for print-on-demand applications for an important Multimedia Customer.

Using microservices to deploy a homogeneous codebase in different countries for complying purposes.

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