Augmented Organizations: Boosting human interactions in the digital world

Companies face an accelerated need to reinvent themselves. To create Augmented Organizations, you need a completely new approach. Our “Augmented Globant” initiative embraces the power of artificial intelligence, enabling businesses to reinvent themselves, and change the way they work.

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How Augmented Collaboration helps teams thrive in the new world dynamics

Informal dynamics are a necessary fuel for innovation. How can distributed teams be as effective as those working next to each other? Take these steps to help your organization scale-up culture, promote innovation, and increase productivity.

CONNECTIONS PROMOTE EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT. Artificial intelligence can help you foster culture and personal connections. We know that culture can make or break a company. At Globant we have successfully implemented AI through our StarMeUp OS platform to help us understand the human fiber within an organization.
StarMeUp OS

StarMeUp: Use technology to foster culture and personal connections

AI IS AN ENABLER TO MAKE BETTER PROFESSIONALS. When you no longer have a colleague sitting next to you to ask for suggestions, AI can be the solution to augment your teams’ skills and collaboration. At Globant we use Augmented Coding, an AI powered system that enhances the developers’ coding experience and capacities.
How we do it

Augmented Coding: Apply AI to augment team capabilities

Now is the time to take action

Data shows that organizations need better collaboration dynamics. Managers and employees understand the need for a strong culture and the role that A.I. can play in the new work dynamics.


Decreased output

49% of employees say that their work output has decreased while working from home. Source: True Augmented Collaboration can set your company for the unknown

Culture to lead

49% of employees say a good leader knows and lives by their company values and 45% state that they also actively provide feedback. Source: Powering a People-First Culture

A.I. to augment

With Augmented Coding, we have seen a 30% increase in productivity as a whole and a 50% increase in productivity in junior profiles. Source: Augmented Coding

Latest Insights

White Paper

Using AI to build powerful digital experiences

Artificial intelligence is playing an ever greater role in helping organizations adjust to our new reality. Here at Globant, together with our clients, we are using AI to help us code faster, more effectively, and with fewer errors.

This is Augmented Coding, our patented AI solution for developers. We have found that among junior developers using it, their performance has increased by over 50%. Among teams using the tool, we have seen a 30% increase in productivity.

In this whitepaper we explore the benefits that Augmented Coding is already providing organizations, the technology behind it, and its potential to reinvent how we develop software.

Sentinel Report

Consumers in Context

Customer Experience
Is at the core of business growth, and that has never been more true than in challenging times. You either focus on customer experience, or you are out of business. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more radical situation than the one we’re in today. A shocking year that began with the searing global experience of COVID-19, leading to rapid changes in the way we live, and have catalyzed fundamental changes to structures and attitudes. In examining how we - as individuals, as businesses and as governments - are responding to the current crises we can better understand where we are going next - with that understanding we can plan, prepare, survive and even thrive. This should be the clarion call to businesses to put digital customer experience (CX) at the heart of business strategy. These figures should give you an idea of the impact of a good Customer Experience from multiple angles.

White Paper

Surviving the crisis in US retail

Retail is witnessing a time of unparalleled change. Since March we have seen the retail sector hit by bankruptcy after bankruptcy. As a result, here at Globant we have analyzed how the industry is responding and the best practices to adapt effectively to the crisis.

In this report we examine how the severity of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic depends on the intersections and combinations between product category, digital maturity, and brand strength. We describe a Rubik’s cube of disruption tearing through the industry.

We provide examples of how retail executives are responding, and the factors that determine whether their organizations are in survival mode, adapting to the crisis, or thriving and leading the way. And we provide guidance on how to pivot your business depending on your current situation, and outline the steps to put place, or rapidly improve digital operations.

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