Events Oct 07, 2017

Hack the now and next

  • Seattle | 413 Pine St. Suite 200
  • 12:10 AM

With the release of Apple’s ARKit, the world of Augmented Reality is now accessible to everyone! Add “superpowers” to your apps by overlaying digital elements on the world around you. How would that new couch look in your apartment? What’s your favorite cake decorating idea to try out? Surprise a friend with a 3D Gif? 

Calling everyone to create and ideate new and exciting AR applications! Spend the weekend discovering and creating alongside fellow innovators at Ratio’s Hack the Now & Next Hackathon: ARKit Edition. We’ll have Ratio technologists on hand to help guide you along the way. Team up with a few friends or meet new ones to build something cool and reach millions of people! 

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