Events Sep 21, 2017

Think Big Session BioInformatics & Data Science

  • Globant San Francisco
  • 11:09 PM

Python for Bioinformatics 

In today's data driven biology, programming knowledge is essential to turning ideas into testable hypothesis. In this context, Sebastian will discuss the relationship between technology and biology, and the talk will entail concrete case examples in which these disciplines blend together. He will also introduce his book "Python for bioinformatics - 2nd Edition", intended to help biologists learn an in depth view of the basics of software development.

By: Sebastian Bassi | Biotechnologist & Python Developer @Globant [BIO]

From Legacy to the Future, a tale on how we help our clients to build flexible and scalable data models

Antonio and Moacy will share their experience of rebuilding a client's data pipeline model from a rigid and limited structure to a flexible and scalable architecture, leading to an automated framework which does not need Data Science Team intervention to be triggered, validated nor measured. The presentation will cover how to set all good Software Engineer practices and Data Science knowledge to implement the desired architecture in Java/Spark and how the wind blew to different directions in future phases having to demonstrate flexibility to implement the same standards for Python/Spark projects.


Antonio Fragoso | Data Scientist, Big Data Studio @Globant | [BIO]  

Moacy Barros | Data Architect, Big Data Studio @Globant | [BIO] 

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