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  • Augmented Collaboration: Globant Presents a New Way to Boost Innovation and Productivity in the Post-Pandemic Era

  • 11 Jun 2020

    Press Release

Augmented Collaboration: Globant Presents a New Way to Boost Innovation and Productivity in the Post-Pandemic Era

In this new reality, virtual communications tools are not enough to replicate lost informal dynamics. Companies need to leverage technology to scale up culture, promote innovation and achieve real collaboration.

SAN FRANCISCO, June 11, 2020Globant (NYSE: GLOB), a digitally native technology services company, today presented Augmented Collaboration to help organizations prepare for the future of work, overcoming today’s challenges by using technology to scale up company culture, promote innovation and increase productivity.

In an environment where casual, in-person interactions across offices have largely disappeared, organizations need to reassess how to better connect and engage their people from afar. As relationships have evolved, so too have the way people collaborate, spark up innovation and boost productivity. A Globant report, “Supporting employee productivity during COVID-19,” revealed that almost half (49%) of respondents’ work output has decreased since working from home, largely due to communication difficulties. To combat these obstacles, Globant presents an approach that leverages technology to promote collaboration, augment engagement and develop employee’s skills.

“Today, when informal face-to-face interactions are no longer possible, leaders should ask themselves how to replicate those spontaneous dynamics which were a key source of innovation,” said Martín Migoya, CEO and co-founder of Globant. “In this sense, formal and scheduled interactions done via virtual communications tools will not do the trick. Companies need to embrace new ways of propelling productivity. Augmented Collaboration provides new methods for ensuring employees feel engaged and can continuously learn and improve.”

Globant offers a solution for achieving true Augmented Collaboration: 

  • Flipping the traditional organizational chart – People tend to feel that employees are less productive when they are not physically in an environment that managers can control. However, the traditional command and control structures add an overhead that does not equate to increased productivity. Globant’s Agile Pods approach intends to put the employee at the center of the organization to learn continuously, think systemically and adapt to change quickly.  

  • Creating better company cultures – The StarMeUp Operating System seeks to enable leaders to understand the human element within their organizations. It helps companies detect and retain talent, promote integration and foster the company’s growth, using AI to uncover cultural insights. StarMeUp also recovers interactions that have been lost in light of face-to-face office interactions.

  • Augmenting teams’ capabilities and filling in the gaps –  When employees no longer have colleagues sitting next to them to ask for suggestions or to learn from, AI can become the solution to augment teams’ skills and their inner collaboration. Augmented Coding can shorten the learning curve as they can receive suggestions to improve their work and examples of different solutions. 

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