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  • DANE: Making apps for people with intellectual disabilities, over 30,000 downloads and growing

  • 29 Jan 2015

    Press Release

First developed two years ago, this initiative provides educational mobile applications for people with special needs. As part of DANE, Globant developed 3 apps that are already being used by young people

Buenos Aires, January 22th, 2014 - The DANE project seeks to revolutionize  the way we teach content to children and youth with disabilities. The Dane project already had well over 30,000 downloads during 2014 alone. This initiative was born two years ago in the Inclusion Commission of the Chamber of Software and Computer Services of Argentina (CESSI). Multiple IT companies participated: Globant, Hexacta, Belatrix, QServices and FDV Solutions, Iceberg Solutions, Infinix Soft, G&L and Inenco; and Social Organizations: Apadea, ASDRA, Afasia Foundation, Nosotros Foundation, Los Robles School, Diálogos, and the National Technological University. Globant specifically developed 3 apps that are already being used by young people

DANE continues to provide software solutions to people with special needs. During 2014, we helped develop applications for people with autism, down syndrome, and aphasia. More application features will be available in early  2015. In addition, the project received funding from the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Productive Innovation of Argentina, which will increase the quantity and quality of the applications offered in the coming year.

Among the applications that are under development,"Scripts Social" is a proposal by the Argentina Association of Parents of Autistic (APAdeA). The application will implement tablet support intervention strategies designed to teach and develop social skills. It also offers adjustment programs in social situations for people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) behaviors. The "Social Scripts" are primarily descriptive  short stories . For people with ASD, different electronic devices are motivating while using visual information.

For Veronica Capurro of APAdeA, participation in the project was very challenging. "We had to form an interdisciplinary team of family and specialized professionals in ASD engaged in research, communication, technology, and management who, along with companies like Globant, made possible the development of tools that, until now, were limited."

2014 was also the year of consolidation of the Commission of Interdisciplinary work. It consists of IT companies, universities, and social and educational organizations. Pablo Fiuza, the project coordinator, described the consolidation. "The DANE project is a unique case, due to the long-time articulation between two different spaces, as the world of technology and education for people with special needs. This synergy managed to produce high quality technological and educational innovation that are left open to the Hispanic community."

The initiative drew the attention of the World Information Technology and Service Alliance (WITSA) that annually recognizes the most innovative projects worldwide related to technology and education. In its last yearly meeting, the organization awarded DANE to "change the way children and young people are taught with special needs, positioning Argentina as the creator of educational content for this segment throughout Latin America."

"It is a very challenging and motivating project for Globant. Our volunteers participating in the project are solidly committed with the organizations which we are helping”, said Francisco Michref, Globant's Sustainability & CSR Coordinator, who participated in several applications as "Dibugrama”, "Sonigrama," and "Social Scripts.”

To learn more about the project and to download the applications: or

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