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  • GeneXus, a Globant company, enhances AI development using NVIDIA technology

  • 19 Mar 2024

    Press Release

GeneXus & NVIDIA

GeneXus Enterprise AI empowers organizations to rapidly deploy AI applications with integration of NVIDIA’s robust frameworks and libraries for managing large language models (LLMs)

NEW  YORK – March 19, 2024GeneXus, a Globant (NYSE: GLOB) company and a leading innovator in the field of enterprise application development, today announces the enhancement of its enterprise AI platform through an integration with NVIDIA AI Enterprise software for the development and deployment of production-grade generative AI, offering a unique solution within the enterprise software development ecosystem.

By utilizing NVIDIA frameworks and libraries for managing large language models (LLMs), GeneXus empowers organizations to rapidly deploy AI applications, delivering seamless integration with existing technology stacks while prioritizing security, privacy, and scalability.

GeneXus's business-centric approach is further enriched by its use of NVIDIA NIM microsevices available from the NVIDIA API Catalog. This enables the development of specialized assistants through the GeneXus platform, designed to facilitate a wide range of business applications.

Acknowledging the critical importance of non-functional requirements, GeneXus enhances its enterprise AI offering with advanced security and privacy features. Integrated access control models and the inclusion of NVIDIA NeMo Guardrails within the NVIDIA AI Enterprise platform underscore GeneXus's commitment to secure and responsible AI application development.

This new offering highlights the importance of rapid, low-code AI deployment for enterprises, positioning GeneXus's offering, which is powered by NVIDIA AI Enterprise, as a pivotal advancement. It uniquely enables companies to leverage the power of AI without the complexities traditionally associated with software development. This approach not only accelerates the time to market for AI-driven solutions but also democratizes access to cutting-edge AI technologies. By simplifying the integration of advanced AI capabilities into enterprise applications, GeneXus offers a distinctive advantage to businesses looking to innovate swiftly and efficiently.

This integration of NVIDIA technology serves as a key milestone on GeneXus’s mission to simplify the creation of enterprise-ready AI applications across industries. Leveraging NVIDIA technologies, GeneXus is not just adapting to the digital landscape but redefining the possibilities of enterprise AI, providing businesses with the tools to gain a competitive edge in an ever-evolving market.

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GeneXus & NVIDIA