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  • Globant agrees to partner with Acamica to expand the global IT talent pool

  • 04 Feb 2016

    Press Release

Globant signs an agreement to acquire stake in Acamica, leader educational platform focused on technology trainings. With this operation Globant aims to propel the career growth of its Globers and contribute to the development of a global IT talent pool  


San Francisco – February 3rd, 2016: Globant (NYSE: GLOB), a digitally-native technology services company focused on creating digital journeys, today announced the execution of a definitive agreement to acquire stake in Acamica, a leader educational platform focused on technology trainings.

Acamica seeks to bring about the future of online education, by providing diversified micro-learning activities, such as dynamic and interactive courses that can be accessed anywhere and anytime. Acamica’s platform aims to teach the latest technology skills needed by companies today, while promoting continuous learning and collaboration within the community. This online software academy currently offers trainings in Web Development y Web Design, including technologies such as Node.js, AngularJS and HTML/CSS; adding Mobile Development in early 2016.

“We are really excited to work with Globant. Our mission is to prepare global talent for the future and we think that this agreement will help us expand our horizons and propel the knowledge of the IT community worldwide”, explained Tomás Escobar, CEO and co-founder of Acamica. “Nowadays, the demand for tech talent is very high, and technologies are evolving faster and faster – working close with leading tech companies as Globant will help us offer the best training solution for today’s trends and market expectations”.

With this agreement, Globant will open up Acámica’s platform to all Globers. This access will provide Globant with a massive wealth of knowledge that will help its Globers to develop and maintain their professional skills to the highest standards. On top of that, the company plans to offer additional content through Acamica to  development communities, thus expanding its reach and fostering the growth of the global IT talent pool.

“This agreement reflects Globant’s dream of developing local IT communities throughout the world. We are sure that with Acamica we will be able to contribute to the growth of our Globers and of all global talent pools, providing more opportunities to students, professionals and anyone interested in becoming part of this new world,” said Martín Migoya, Globant CEO and co-founder.  

Martín Umaran, Globant Chief of Staff and co-founder, added: “Acamica presents an attractive range of subjects and classes, and together with its value proposition that combines theory with real projects, it prepares its students for today’s challenges. We are very enthusiastic with the possibilities that open up ahead of us and with how it can positively impact the global IT community”.

Guillermo Willi, Chief People Officer, stated: “It is important to prepare our Globers for the future, to train them in the latest technologies and continue creating a team of experts that will be able to dream and build innovative digital journeys for our customers. We believe that this is a huge step in this direction”.


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