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  • Globant and Mercado Libre introduce a training program for the employment of young people in technology with Digital House

  • 04 Dec 2020

    Press Release

Globant and Mercado Libre introduce a training program for the employment of young people in technology with Digital House

In two years, both companies will train 10,000 young people from Latin America, awarding more than 2,500 scholarships.

December 4, 2020 -  Today, Globant and Mercado Libre have joined forces  to announce a technology project with a regional scope alongside Digital House. Certified Tech Developer is a training program designed to achieve the rapid job placement of thousands of young people from Latin America in the technology industry. With the objective of achieving a diverse and inclusive call, 2,500 scholarships will be provided that will cover 95% of the total cost of the program.


In the next two years, both companies seek to train more than 10,000 young people from Latin America. The program will be carried out together with Digital House and is committed to creating a new academic concept based on agile methodologies  with a strong practical orientation so students can gain experience. The initiative was created to acknowledge the needs of the market and will be consistently updated as technology evolves.  


“We are facing a unique opportunity in the world. The technology industry is growing exponentially and this program is an organic answer to what the market needs: talent with a desire to learn about technology and make an impact in the industry,” said Martín Migoya, CEO and co-founder at Globant. “Our  dream is to provide young people with greater employment opportunities in the industry to give them a global projection. With Certified Tech Developer we are making this vision a reality.”


“Certified Tech Developer is a career that will have a very important role in the upcoming years. It is not for a specific sector of an industry, but will serve all sectors of the economy,” said  Marcos Galperin, CEO and Founder of Mercado Libre. “The possibilities are enormous so that all interested parties can take advantage of it.Programming is impacting all industries in the world and this project is just the start to helping young people make an impact as well."


Globant and Mercado Libre will actively participate throughout the course by hosting masterclasses, seminars, meetups and sharing portfolios of real projects. In addition, specialists from both companies will be responsible for evaluating the final projects. At the end of the second year, students will be able to choose between two orientations, Frontend Specialist or Backend Specialist.

“Going from technology user to technology maker is what Mercado Libre and Globant are bringing to life,” said Nelson Duboscq, CEO & Co-Founder of Digital House. “We believe that with practical methodologies and the support of specialists from Mercado Libre and Globant, students will be able to learn, and more important, they will learn by doing. We want them to be the protagonists of the change in technology in the region.”

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About Globant:

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Globant and Mercado Libre introduce a training program for the employment of young people in technology with Digital House