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  • Globant and Topazium Announce Partnership to Deliver AI-Powered End-to-End Solutions to the Life Sciences Industry

  • 27 Sep 2022

    Press Release

Globant and Topazium

Globant and Topazium join to create new paradigms in drug discovery, clinical research, diagnostics, and well-being

MADRID - September 27, 2022 – Globant (NYSE: GLOB), a digitally native company focused on reinventing businesses through innovative technology solutions, and Topazium, the biotech startup specialized in integrating the latest advances in artificial intelligence (AI) with traditional medical care, today announced a partnership to deliver AI-powered preclinical, clinical, and diagnostic solutions to the life sciences industry. 

In healthcare and diagnostics, Topazium's computer vision algorithms for early skin cancer diagnosis (SkinGuard) and evaluation of chest X-rays (ChestGuard) are AI tools that will be further enabled for educational and clinical purposes with Globant’s data platform and mobile development capabilities.

In preclinical and clinical research areas, Globant’s technology capabilities enable the delivery of scalable research and development (R&D) data platforms for life sciences customers utilizing Topazium’s AI tools and frameworks. This will include drug discovery solutions for genome-based new target identification, drug screening, and drug design, as well as solutions to identify subpopulations of patients for clinical and real-world studies, develop synthetic control arms, and predict clinical trial feasibility and success.

“We believe that the partnership with Globant is a key milestone in our aim to advance new paradigms in drug discovery, clinical research, diagnostics, and well-being. Globant’s data platform capabilities will enable us to scale and improve our AI tools. Joining our experience and capabilities, we take a giant leap towards creating a smarter way for our customers to deliver medical care to patients, and ultimately, achieve one of the most challenging global goals, health for all,” said Carlos Galmarini, Founder and CEO of Topazium.

The companies will also explore expanding Globant’s BeHealthy rewards program, promoting healthy behaviors with Topazium’s aging and longevity AI frameworks. Globant’s BeHealthy rewards program is an app that promotes positive engagement and better health with an innovative rewards program, in which the user can configure personal goals related to moving, exercising, and standing. Using information collected from wearables and apps like BeHealthy, Topazium’s AI frameworks could calculate a person's physiological age and make personalized recommendations related to diet, sleep, or physical activity to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“Today, people live longer thanks to the advancements in science and to other factors. For that reason, some diseases, which previously contributed to reduced life expectancy, are now chronic. This creates challenges related to the cost and delivery of health care,” said Lucas Najun Dubos, Global Director for Disease Management and Value-Based Healthcare Programs at Globant. “But modern technologies can successfully enable people to live healthier and longer lives, delaying the onset of conditions such as cardiovascular disease. We are confident that together with Topazium, we can enhance our solutions to improve the well-being and longevity of more people.”

“Our life sciences customers are looking for end-to-end, scalable solutions to fully support their research and development capabilities by leveraging and connecting data across their products' life cycle, from drug discovery all the way through post-commercialization,” said Basia Coulter, Global Director for Drug Discovery and Clinical Trial Programs at Globant. “Topazium’s artificial intelligence tools enable the generation of insights to support the acceleration and optimization of the full cycle of research and development. We are excited to enable scalability of these tools with the breadth of our data, data platforms, and life sciences expertise.”

About Globant

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About Topazium

Topazium is committed to supporting medical research with artificial intelligence (AI) with state-of-the-art analytical tools. They have developed a comprehensive AI engine that utilizes multiple medical data types to assist in the identification of new disease patterns and the most promising therapeutic approaches to attain one of the most challenging global goals, health for all.

Globant and Topazium