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  • Globant Creates the First Generation Z Corporate Advisory Board: Council of Igniters

  • 25 Aug 2022

    Press Release

Council of Igniters

  • Since future generations will shape the world, the Council of Igniters aims to improve Globant to evolve as a company.
  • This first edition’s advisory board members were selected for their leadership among young communities and for being rising stars in various topics such as innovation, sustainability, education, and diversity.

BUENOS AIRES - August 25, 2022 Globant (NYSE: GLOB), a digitally native company focused on reinventing businesses through innovative technology solutions, launched its “Council of Igniters,” the first-ever corporate advisory board comprised entirely of Centennials or Gen Zers (those born between 1996 and 2012). The new advisory board will bring a fresh and innovative perspective to support Globant constant reinvention, towards designing the future of organizations and attracting the next generation of top global talent. 

The Council of Igniters will provide Globant executives with their perspectives on diverse Company initiatives and top global issues such as climate change, entrepreneurship and the transformation of work, diversity and inclusion, education, gaming & entertainment, and music. The Council of Igniters will reconvene with the aim of obtaining different insights and uncovering new goals. The kick-off happened last week at Globant’s Headquarters in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  

“Globant believes that diverse teams are better at problem-solving because they bring innovative perspectives and life experiences to devise disruptive solutions," said Patricia Pomies, Chief Operating Officer, Globant. “Generational Diversity is a key pillar of our BeKind Initiative: giving voice to people of different ages is a must to discussing key issues, particularly in today’s era of rapid and constant technological transformation. We are excited to keep reinventing and to be the first company to create this one-of-a-kind council of advisors."
“One of our central values is to seek reinvention in everything we do. To stay relevant, we need to remain open to different perspectives to provide great reinvention paths for our clients and ourselves as a leading global organization," said Martin Migoya, Co-founder and CEO of Globant. “The challenges and ideas that will come out of the Council of Igniters will complement the input of our employees and customers across the globe, and will enhance Globant’s understanding of societal new horizons. This understanding is fundamental to our ability to keep building a unique culture for global talent, providing relevant solutions to our customers, and being champions of disruption in the technology space.”
First Meeting of Council of Igniters Outcomes

During the past week in Buenos Aires, six influencers from different Latin American countries (including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico) gathered with Globant's Top Management and leaders of different expertise, in the first Globant’s Council of Igniters meeting. Through in-depth analysis and discussions, they contributed with their points of view, suggestions, and life experiences in their different areas of expertise. Some interesting takeaways that emerged from the workshops include:

  • Blockchain and Gaming are the future: In a world where the economic gap between social groups is increasingly widening, Igniters see technology as an ally to help reduce this problem – and specifically blockchain technology. They also identify gaming technologies as essential for companies to attract the attention of their generation. 
  • Technology is the strongest tool to combat the gender gap: Although it is a widespread social problem, Igniters agree that the technology industry appears to be one of the key areas in which companies can take action to reduce the gender gap by using more inclusive programming language, product designs, and more. 
  • Sustainability and the environment connect everyone: Organizations that help improve the environment and prioritize sustainability are allies of the new generation. Igniters value, are interested in, and immerse themselves in these initiatives, and are more inclined to support companies that also reflect and take action toward these principles. 
  • The Metaverse is the new 90s internet: For them, the Metaverse is similar to how the internet was in the 1990s, in that they are unsure what potential it has but they believe organizations should be making it a priority to find out. Additionally, they consider the metaverse to be the place where their generation can claim their authentic identities digitally. Beyond all of the remaining questions that surround this technology, something is certain: virtual spaces like the metaverse motivate many people to express themselves as they are.
  • The transformation of work is flexible and purpose-driven: Igniters confirmed that new generations need a flexible workplace to be able to express their creativity and an organization that provides professional development opportunities which will help them grow beyond their perceived limits. To develop professionally in a company, they believe it is important that the company shares openly its purpose and how this links to young people's goals and desires.


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