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  • Globant helped developed an interactive dashboard to battle COVID-19

  • 08 Apr 2020

    Press Release

Globant helped developed an interactive dashboard to battle COVID-19

This initiative allows real-time tracking for the number of intensive care beds, respirators, health professionals and resources available in hospitals globally. The dashboard is being donated to various governments, to collaborate in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Buenos Aires, April 08 of 2020 - Globant (NYSE: GLOB), a digital native company that offers innovative technology solutions, today announces its development of an interactive dashboard tool that supports the efficient measurement and use of health resources during the COVID-19 pandemic. The tool is being donated for international use.

“We are living in a unique moment, so it is more important than ever  to contribute everything we can to help fight this pandemic. Technology is key in supporting the ability to have quick and efficient access to information such as hospitals’ resources,” explains Martín Migoya, co-founder and CEO of Globant. "This dashboard will have a major impact on connecting patients with appropriate care and treatments."

The dashboard reports the number of available respirators and open beds in intensive care units (ICUs). It will also monitor the number of beds equipped with necessary oxygen. In turn, the dashboard will make it possible to keep track of needed parts in different equipment and of the use of different supplies.

This tool is part of a digital platform that allows data to be consolidated nationwide. Medical institutions can register directly, unifying communication channels to report the status of missing supplies. With this platform, government leaders will have access to metrics for the use and disposition of vital emergency medical care resources.

Globant, together with other institutions, developed this dashboard by relying heavily on big data to process and characterize resources. Once adequate data is collected, the tool uses artificial intelligence to develop future projections on when additional healthcare and patient care resources will be available. 

"At Globant, we are very proud to be able to donate this control panel. With the tool, we will help guide critical healthcare decisions in this time of uncertainty to establish a highly relevant flow of information at the national level,” said Guibert Englebienne, CTO at Globant.

The development of this dashboard is one way Globant is Taking Care in response to this pandemic, and is a part of our Be Kind initiative, through which Globant uses technology to better service humanity, help citizens and support health systems and governments in the fight against COVID-19.

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