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  • Globant highlights the urgency to instill ‘carbon-thinking’ in organizations to prepare for a technological and sustainable future

  • 17 Jun 2021

    Press Release

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  • CO2 is the new commodity: companies will need to update corporate financial strategies to cover an assessment of risks, opportunities and go to market for Carbon. The latest Sentinel Report addresses the steps companies must take in their sustainability transition through the vector of technology.

SAN FRANCISCO, June 17, 2021 - Globant (NYSE: GLOB), a digitally native company, published its new Sentinel Report, which aims to guide organizations in their strategies and planning to be ready for the business of the future. In “Navigating the Sustainable Business Era”, Globant outlines how organizations should integrate sustainability into the core of their business and transition from awareness to consciousness, for their own success and for the future of climate change. 

“The climate crisis will touch every part of business and society. To address it, we will need to find new ways to tap into our collective creativity, passion and ingenuity,” said Elena Morettini, Sustainable Business Studio Partner at Globant. "Anticipating and adapting to change sets apart future-ready organizations, with climate change and carbon-thinking being the biggest shifts in our lifetime. We hope this report will open new conversations and highlight the importance of sustainability in the future of business, as we enter the decade of action."

The new Sentinel Report outlines four lenses for how successful businesses can weave in sustainability throughout their organizations’ processes, from diversity & inclusion to carbon budgets. 

  • Increased Awareness. In this make-or-break decade, we will win the climate race because of the awareness, readiness and cooperation of all of our colleagues, clients and partners.
  • Conscious Leadership. C-suite level consciousness and a strong commitment is key to enabling long-term change.
  • Technology for Green Business. Digitalization and sustainability must be understood as occurring hand-in-hand – from augmenting meteorological forecasting, or “weatherizing” to optimize real-time decision making, to carbon “digital twinning” to optimize emissions’ calculations; digital transformation and a green future can be  two variables of the same equation.
  • Digital Sobriety. Businesses must understand and account for the carbon footprint of technological progress. Sustainable business approaches can create a more energy efficient digital ecosystem, further reducing organizations’ carbon and financial costs by optimizing software design, inventing energy-efficiency standards and practices for  software and empowering other IT organizations.

The report emphasizes that a sustainability mindset and approach must be embedded in all aspects of operations and decision-making processes. 

“Today, when defining projects, plans and strategies, companies should not only budget from a financial perspective, but also from the CO2 emission point of view”, said Diego Tártara, Global Chief Technology Officer at Globant. “But the carbon budget is fixed, there is only a certain amount we can emit to maintain Earth’s temperature through 2030.”

Carbon and financial budgets and costs must both be accounted for in any business decision, so as to manage the five key sustainability risks that threaten business resiliency: 

  1. Climate-related risks that threaten the physical operating environment for businesses and value chains,
  2. Transitional risks associated with the shift towards new low-carbon economy, 
  3. Reputational risks based upon both internal and public company commitments to achieve sustainability metrics, standards and objectives,
  4. Legal risks faced by GHG emitters and those that don’t achieve lasting change, and
  5. Financial risks, including lower accessibility to capital for those that don’t boost their climate-finance transparency and sustainability efforts and disclosure. 

Globant’s Sustainable Business Studio works to solve these issues for organizations as it operates at the intersection of digital technology and sustainability - bringing them together to create solutions for organizations working towards the acceleration of a common carbon-neutral future. 

For more information on the Sentinel Report and to download the full version, click here.


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