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  • Globant Unveils Cutting-Edge AI Assistant to build digital products from written notes

  • 09 Feb 2023

    Press Release

GeneXus NEXT

Globant’s Low Code Platform, GeneXus, incorporates LLM to further automate the software-building process to create entire systems.

New York - February 9th, 2023 -  Globant (NYSE: GLOB), a digitally native company focused on reinventing businesses through innovative technology solutions, has announced a major update to its AI-powered Low Code platform, GeneXus. Through the combination of deterministic symbolic AI with LLM (Large Language Model) technology, GeneXus Next can now create and maintain unprecedented enterprise software solutions in record time.

With the integration of LLM and AI, GeneXus is at the forefront of a rapidly evolving Low Code revolution, where sensory layers (text, video, audio, images), AI middleware, and performance layers come together to create frictionless experiences guided by users. The new AI Assistant feature represents a significant step forward in the field.

The software creation process involves many different profiles of professionals, each using their own programming languages, and unique interactions: from designers, to developers, to testers. GeneXus steps into the process with its AI assistant by providing a common layer to bridge the understanding gap. GeneXus Next now allows the use of natural language, as common input for each of the profiles. In essence, you can use natural language requirements to create complex business workflows or for data modeling, use sketched images to generate fully interactive UIs or use audio instructions to evolve the system functionality.

Watch How GeneXus Next Works

GeneXus Next will be available in the coming weeks exclusively by invitation. Register here to enter the waitlist.

“Globant has been at the forefront of the AI industry for the past decade”, said Martin Migoya, Co-Founder and CEO of Globant. "With GeneXus Next we continue to revolutionize our industry, making it easier for companies to build digital products and reinvent their businesses for sustained growth.”

“In the past, GeneXus has utilized symbolic AI to create mission-critical systems with exceptional user experiences and quality. Now, the combination of symbolic models and foundation models like GPT-3 will further speed up and simplify the development process, enabling businesses to bring value to end-users faster than ever before”, added Nicolás Jodal, CEO of GeneXus, a Globant company.

For over a decade Globant has been harnessing the power of AI to generate assertive business and tech solutions. Globant's path with artificial intelligence began in 2015 with the presentation of its AI Studio. In 2018, Globant released an AI Manifesto with a set of foundational principles to embrace a common vision. Today, Globant implements AI internally in nearly every operational process, from recruitment to project assignment. It’s also a central piece of its products and platform offering. Augoor applies AI technology to make the coding process faster, more creative and effective. Globant’s AI tool, MagnifAI, speeds up testing so that companies can launch products faster. 

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About Globant
We are a digitally native company that helps organizations reinvent themselves and unleash their potential. We are the place where innovation, design and engineering meet at scale. 

  • We have more than 26,500 employees and we are present in more than 20 countries working for companies like Google, Electronic Arts and Santander, among others.
  • We were named a Worldwide Leader in CX Improvement Services by IDC MarketScape report.
  • We were also featured as a business case study at Harvard, MIT, and Stanford.
  • We are a member of The Green Software Foundation (GSF) and the CyberSecurity Tech Accord.

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About GeneXus
GeneXus is a Globant division, is the leading company in software development platforms, whose philosophy is based on capture, model and manage the business knowledge of users and customers. It enables users to quickly adopt new technologies, making it the leading enterprise software platform for over 30 years. Due to its unique approach to creating flexible applications (based on modeling, generation and iteration), combined with extensive support for current and legacy databases and programming languages, GeneXus is an ideal tool for users looking to close the gap that separates their IT infrastructure from the new technology. 

GeneXus NEXT