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  • Globant Launches UGrow Program

  • 22 Aug 2012

    Press Release

Aiming to propel knowledge among Latin American talent, Globant presents a program that plans to train and create more than 1000 jobs in the next three years

Buenos Aires, February 2012. Globant, leader in the creation of innovative software products that appeal to global audiences, announces the creation of UGrow, an initiative that will work with students during their first years of university. The program -which will also create jobs- focuses on teaching technologies, processes, methodologies and interpersonal skills to prepare participants for their professional future.

UGrow is one of many initiatives launched by the Company – such as Testear ( - and will create more than 1000 jobs in the next 3 years. These openings complement the 100 Globers that join Globant each month.

"There is no limit for the IT industry, and for us it is key to take these opportunities to every talent in the region. We want to open career paths that will allow youngsters from any city to access the industry of knowledge without having to emigrate from their hometowns. The best way of doing this is by giving the proper tools and sharing the experiences that we´ve learnt since we founded Globant", explained Martín Migoya, Globant CEO and co-founder.

"Our goal is to offer college students to have their first work experience in a globalized world. We want to accompany them and open doors for them to build an international career", added Guillermo Willi, Globant´s Chief People Officer. "UGrow trainings will complement graduate education, offering a more pragmatic vision and working together with our customers, some of the most innovative companies of the world".

The program will start in March with a course in Buenos Aires. This edition will last 4 months and will focalize in Java technologies. After that, it will expand to other cities, such as Tandil, Rosario, Córdoba and Resistencia.

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Globant is the Latin American leader in the creation of innovative software products that appeal to global audiences. For us, that means we are the place where the best engineers team up with art design studios and innovation labs to deliver a superb user experience. In only 9 years, we created a Company that:
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- Was selected as Endeavor Entrepreneur (2005)
- Was named among the top 10 product engineering vendor (2011) by Global Services
- Was included in the 2010 Cool Vendor in Business Process Services Report by Gartner
- Was featured as case study of Harvard, MIT, Stanford and others
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