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  • Globant official update

  • 30 Mar 2022

    Press Release

Globant Official Update

NEW YORK, Mar. 30, 2022.- We have recently detected that a limited section of our company’s code repository has been subject to unauthorized access. We have activated our security protocols and are conducting an exhaustive investigation.

According to our current analysis, the information that was accessed was limited to certain source code and project-related documentation for a very limited number of clients. To date, we have not found any evidence that other areas of our infrastructure systems or those of our clients were affected. 

We are taking strict measures to prevent further incidents.
About Globant (NYSE:GLOB)

We are a digitally native company that helps organizations reinvent themselves to create a way forward and unleash their potential. We are the place where innovation, design and engineering meet scale.

  • We have more than 23,500 employees and we are present in 18 countries working for companies like Google, Electronic Arts and Santander, among others.
  • We were named a Worldwide Leader in CX Improvement by IDC MarketScape report. We were also featured as a business case study at Harvard, MIT and Stanford. We are a member of the Cybersecurity Tech Accord.

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Globant Official Update