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  • Globant opens development center in San Francisco

  • 18 Sep 2012

    Press Release

San Francisco, August 29th, 2012 - Today, Globant, leader in the creation of innovative software products that appeal to global audiences, announced that it opened a new development center in San Francisco, CA. This new branch will work as a headquarter for the US, and will be key to reinforce and deepen Globant's relationship with its clients.

The development center is located at Yerba Buena, San Francisco -875 Howard Street-, and it complements Globant´s offices in Austin, TX, and Boston, MA. The San Francisco office has a capacity for 50 Globers, and the Company has started a hiring process to complete the team already working there.

"These new offices will let us reinforce our presence in the United Sates and have more face to face contact with our clients. Our business is focused on providing innovation, and with this in mind, the relationship we build with our clients has to grow strategically." explains Martín Migoya, Globant CEO and co-founder. "We have been working with this idea in mind for quite some time. We started with the acquisition of Nextive, a US-based company, and then began to put together a unique national and international management team. Today, based in the US, we have Mark Gauger as our Chief Business Officer, Guillermo Bodnar, as our US CTO, Andrés Angelani as our Chief Solutions Officer, and Andrew Burgert as the General Manager of our Mobile Studio".

With the same aesthetics of all Globant offices, this new development center has a brainstorming room, music room and other amenities, which aim to foster the company´s innovative spirit and its creativity.

About Globant

Globant is the Latin American leader in the creation of innovative software products that appeal to global audiences. For us, that means we are the place where the best engineers team up with art design studios and innovation labs to deliver a superb user experience. In only 9 years, we created a Company that:

  • Has more than 2,400 professionals working for companies like LinkedIn, JWT, Google and Coca Cola, among several others.
  • Was selected as Endeavor Entrepreneur (2005)
  • Was named among the top 10 product engineering vendors (2011) by Global Services
  • Was included in the 2010 Cool Vendor in Business Process Services Report by Gartner
  • - Was featured as a case study of Harvard, MIT, Stanford and others