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  • Globant opens new branch offices in Tandil, as part of its expansion plan

  • 17 Aug 2012

    Press Release

Buenos Aires, November 2006 - Globant, leading company in global IT services and solutions, will open new offices in the city of Tandil on November 20th, as part of its worldwide expansion plan.

Globant, the only IT company self-established in the city, will have its offices located on 9 de Julio 421 street, and will employ more than 40 local professionals. During the first stage, Globant´s activities in Tandil will be focused on software development.
For this project, Globant worked along with a group of consultants from Ernst&Young, USA, building a rollout plan for the development of regional centers, in order to make this process effectively and in a short term basis.
Tandil was chosen for its high standards in education and the talent of its graduates. “Argentina has extremely qualified human resources and a huge tradition in research and development. Moreover, the Universidad del Centro de Tandil is one of the most prestigious institutions for IT careers throughout the country. Globant´s mission is to become the leading global IT services provider from Latin America to the world, and with Tandil we are making our first step towards the decentralization of our development centers, which will keep on going not only in Argentina but among other countries from the region as well”, explained Guibert Englebienne, Globant´s CTO. 

“The IT national industry growth is a consequence of several decisions that Argentina made through the past years, which aimed to develop strategic areas, specially the software area, the development of a telecommunication infrastructure to support the country growth and the investment in education”, concluded Englebienne.

The new “Globers” will travel for two days to the main offices located in Buenos Aires, as part of the integration and induction process. During the first day they will attend a series of meetings to introduce them to the different teams at Globant and during the second day they will meet with the Development area. Lastly, and having their professional development in mind, they will receive some JAVA lessons.

About Globant

Globant is one of the fastest growing global IT services companies in Latin America. Its flexibility and abilities quickly made Globant a global player in the extremely competitive IT market, with first-class clients, specially located in USA and Europe. 
Globant offers a wide portfolio of solutions – from software development and infrastructure management, to software globalization -- and is extremely experienced in open source technologies and agile methodologies. Globant’s teams provide services internationally, always backed up by their offices in Buenos Aires, Tandil, London, San Francisco and Boston.

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