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  • Globant presents the Regional Winners of the Women That Build Awards 2023

  • 08 Aug 2023

    Press Release

Regional winners

  • The regional winners of the fourth edition of the Women that Build Awards were chosen among 3,148 nominees and 123,172 votes worldwide
  • This year the judging panel was composed of 78 international referents and has the support of global partners like NYSE, Salesforce, Women Corporate Directors, Udemy and Coachub


New York - August 8, 2023 - Globant (NYSE: GLOB), a digitally native company focused on reinventing businesses through innovative technology solutions, today announced the regional winners of the fourth edition of Women that Build Awards


The awards recognize extraordinary women in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) who have shattered barriers and driven positive impact in their fields. It also provides global visibility, education, and networking, empowering women-identifying individuals to excel and showcasing the incredible achievements that unfold when technology meets passion.


“Through groundbreaking initiatives like the Women That Build Awards, we are steadfastly committed to dismantling the gender barriers that persist in the technology industry. Our primary objective is to acknowledge the remarkable achievements of women as visionary leaders who have revolutionized their respective fields, forging new frontiers and cultivating a vibrant ecosystem that presents endless opportunities for inspiration and empowerment,” said Patricia Pomies, Chief Operating Officer at Globant. “We wholeheartedly congratulate the winners for their unwavering dedication and commitment, serving as beacons of inspiration to countless women pursuing their passions and realizing their aspirations in the dynamic world of STEAM.”


On the other hand, Wanda Weigert, Chief Brand Officer at Globant, remarked, “Women in STEAM face many challenges that impede their progress, including gender imbalance, pay disparity, limited career advancement, and unconscious bias. This realization prompted us to launch our 'Women that Build' program in 2019, aimed at fostering inclusivity and promoting the professional growth of women in our industry. Our program creates boundless opportunities for everyone, irrespective of gender. Within this initiative, we have devised a comprehensive journey to support women and non-binary individuals throughout their life stages: from their school years, through their initial employment, to their continuous personal and professional development. We proudly introduced the 'Women that Build Ambassadors' program this year. This initiative seeks to acknowledge exceptional women at Globant who serve as role models due to their generosity and unwavering commitment. We aim to inspire them to continue their impactful work within and beyond the company.”


This edition of the Women That Build Awards counts with support from global partners like NYSE, Salesforce, Women Corporate Directors, Udemy, and Coachub and the local promotion of more than 40 supporting organizations.  The global judging panel will count on the presence of Anuj Mehrotra, Dean at George Washington University School of Business; Jennifer Reynolds, CEO at Women Corporate Directors Foundation; Cassandra Seier, Head of International Capital Markets at NYSE; Gillian Zucker, President of Business Operations at LA Clippers; Stephanie Stapleton, President in Udemy Business; Eliana Gialain, Senior Behavioural Scientist at Coach Hub; Patricia Pomies, Global Chief Operating Officer at Globant and Martín Migoya, Co-founder & CEO at Globant.


Regional winners of Women That Build Awards 2023

After a rigorous selection process, with more than 3,140 nominees and 123,172 votes worldwide, Globant announces the outstanding regional winners in the two esteemed categories: Inspiring Leader and Rising Star.


    Inspiring Leader:


    Chiagorom Oghotuama - Spain & France 

    Dr. Srimathy Kesan - India

    Hauwa Yakubu - UK

    Jennifer Samaniego - Peru & Ecuador

    Lalitha Murali - USA & Canada

    Maria Alejandra Rodríguez Le Maitre - Rest of Latam

    Maria Jimenez - México

    María Pia Garat - Uruguay

    Mercedes Quintero - Colombia

    Rosana Hadad Salomon - Argentina

    Tatyane Calixto - Brazil

    Teresita Morán - Chile


    Rising Star


    Amaia Rodriguez - Spain & France

    Analía Gimenez - Uruguay

    Anny Caroline Pinheiro Pereira - Brazil

    Carrie Ann Booth - UK

    Doris Hernandez-Argueta - Rest of Latam

    Jaloree Lantigua - USA & Canada

    Joia Nuñez - Argentina

    Karime Guillen Libien - Mexico

    Magali Bejar - Argentina

    Ornella Paz - Peru & Ecuador

    Pavithra Nagaraj - India

    Valentina Muñoz Zapata - Chile

    Yael Natalia Mendez Chaparro - Colombia


    The winners will receive an executive coaching program from Coach Hub and a Udemy Business license to use according to their language, needs, and career projections. They will be participating as candidates for the global stage of the Women that Build Awards (which will be announced on September 25, 2023). 


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    Regional winners