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  • Globant Publishes Sentinel Report on Metaverse Opportunities for Businesses and Industries

  • 13 Jun 2022

    Press Release


  • New Globant survey reveals that while 73% of respondents feel the metaverse is accessible to them, only 26% have experienced it
  • The Sentinel Report is a Globant initiative to inspire companies to keep reinventing, providing insights on market trends and industry behavior worldwide.

SAN FRANCISCO - June 13, 2022 – Globant (NYSE: GLOB), a digitally native company focused on reinventing businesses through innovative technology solutions, published its new Sentinel Report:How the metaverse is transcending digital limits and reinventing our place in the physical world.” The publication dives into metaverse history, explores trends that are changing the future, discusses the ripple effects of a cross-functional metaverse, and presents new data from a Globant survey.

“While in its early stages, the metaverse is challenging organizations to get their businesses ready for this new world,” said Diego Tártara, Chief Technology Officer at Globant. “At the same time, as they bring their business to this new reality, their users are still learning to embrace this new era. Globant has the ability to support organizations to succeed in their digital transformation.”

This Sentinel Report shows how the metaverse is impacting organizations and industries, from healthcare and retail to manufacturing and finance. The report predicts that the metaverse will tear down physical and digital barriers by extending companies’ virtual presence and maximizing engagement with clients and employees. It will also transform how people identify themselves in relation to the new digital culture, economy and e-commerce system.

The Report also includes some key insights from an original Globant research: 

  • While 73% of respondents feel the metaverse is accessible to them, only 26.5% have participated in a metaverse experience
  • 75% do not believe the metaverse addresses only a younger generation
  • 69% believe the metaverse plays a crucial role in remote work

"The metaverse is the next evolution of our social interactions,” said Matías Rodríguez, VP of Technology of Globant's Metaverse Studio. “Many brands have already been exploring the space and creating innovative experiences. Still, we understand that companies need a holistic view of their existence within the metaverse to succeed.”

For more information on the Sentinel Report and to download the full version of How the metaverse is transcending digital limits and reinventing our place in the physical world, click here.

About the Survey
The 2022 Metaverse Survey was produced by Globant and  was conducted between April 18-25, 2022. The online survey represents 834 members from our database of technology professionals from around the globe: South America, North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.
For download the infographic, click here.

About Globant
We are a digitally native company that helps organizations reinvent themselves to create a way forward and unleash their potential. We are the place where innovation, design, and engineering meet scale. 

  • We have more than 24,500 employees, and we are present in 19 countries working for companies like Google, Electronic Arts, and Santander, among others.
  • We were named a Worldwide Leader in CX Improvement Services by IDC MarketScape report.
  • We were also featured as a business case study at Harvard, MIT, and Stanford.  
  • We are a member of the Green Software Foundation (GSF) and the Cybersecurity Tech Accord.

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