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  • Globant Ventures Announces $1M Investment in Two Colombian Startups

  • 31 Jan 2022

    Press Release

Globant Ventures

Globant’s corporate Venture Capital fund has invested in two new startups: Vozy and EPICA. Vozy offers conversational AI solutions, allowing companies to automate dialogue with clients thanks to virtual voice assistants; EPICA generates data that provides highly accurate predictions regarding consumer purchasing habits. 


Bogota, January 31, 2022 - Globant Ventures, Globant’s corporate venture fund, has announced an investment of over $1M USD in two startups: Vozy, a platform that uses AI to help companies transform, scale, and improve their interaction with clients, and EPICA, a data generation platform that, through highly accurate predictions, gives its clients the chance to accelerate revenue, establish loyalty, and improve user experience.  
“Today, the use of artificial intelligence and data analytics is fundamental for any company,” said Guibert Englebienne, Co-Founder of Globant, and Latam President of Globant X and Globant Ventures. “That is why–in times of constant change, such as the present–Globant Ventures continues working to boost the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the region, empowering startups looking to improve relationships between brands and clients, and as a result, increasing both the quality and quantity of services employed.” 
Vozy has developed a platform of conversational AI, based on the learning models generated by virtual voice assistants that help companies improve conversations with their clients. The tool allows companies to call thousands of users automatically, collecting information from the generated calls. That data is then used to make business decisions. EPICA, on the other hand, generates synthetic data to make highly accurate predictions. Its algorithms are able to understand small data from anonymous databases, predicting consumer behavior and allowing the platform to suggest appropriate options.
"We are obsessed with resolving the issues surrounding voice channels in Latin America,” said Humberto Pertuz, CEO and Co-Founder of Vozy. “Almost 40% of all customer service interactions that take place on voice channels can be significantly improved. With this investment, we will be able to use conversation data to help more companies improve their customer service voice channels. This will lead to a larger volume of successful interactions, increasing speed and lowering costs.” 
“For the past five years, EPICA has been developing a platform which is 100% powered with Proprietary Machine Learning Models able to predict the future behavior of consumers in real time, with an unprecedented level of accuracy and granularity,” said Hernan Rodriguez, CEO and Co-Founder of EPICA. “Understanding future actions of consumers has become a competitive advantage for businesses, which are now able to anticipate their clients’ behavioral changes. Globant’s investment will be used to further develop the market, increase sales and continue consolidating the platform. Globant is an ideal partner for EPICA, helping our company increase both its technical and commercial capabilities, as well as strengthening operations in the U.S. and throughout Latin America.”
Over a two year period, Globant Ventures has invested almost $7.8 million USD in thirteen startups working with artificial intelligence, augmented reality, logistics, the Internet of Things, and process automation.  
“These two companies highlight the potential there is in Colombia’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, and in the region as a whole,” said Gustavo Martello, Operating Partner at Globant Ventures. “We continue identifying entrepreneurs with global visions, and we believe that, alongside Globant, we will be able to help them grow in an increasingly competitive market.”
Globant Ventures is still identifying and selecting startups. Those interested may apply here:


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