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  • Globant’s 2020 Trends in Technology Report Predicts the Emerging Tech that will Change the Future of Digital Organizations

  • 20 Feb 2020

    Press Release

Globant’s 2020 Trends in Technology Report Predicts the Emerging Tech that will Change the Future of Digital Organizations

The report reveals 3 mega trends organizations should pay attention in order to stay relevant in 2020

SAN FRANCISCO, February 20, 2020 -- Globant (NYSE: GLOB), a digitally native technology services company, today released its 2020 Trends in Technology report. Released annually, the report highlights emerging business technology trends and examines how they will influence organizational operations.

This year’s report aims to help organizations to anticipate and thoroughly understand customer concerns to better address their needs. Beyond 2020, Globant predicts companies will drive improved customer experiences by learning about and adopting more advanced forms of deep learning, artificial intelligence and natural language processing technologies.

“As a digitally native company, we are enthusiastic about the future of technologies and how they can contribute to improve the relationship with end users. We believe it’s important to share our vision on what’s coming next, to help organizations evolve their business” said Guibert Englebienne CTO and co-founder at Globant. “This report is an opportunity for forward thinking companies to envision new challenges and be ready to address them as they are looking to keep tech moving for the future.”

This year’s highlights include:

  • Intuitive Decisions: Context aware AI is the first step to making intuitive decisions. With diverse and multi-level data available across device interactions, context-aware computing can help decipher the meaning of a situation to respond accordingly to it.

  • Ubiquitous Interactions: The combination of sensors, voice assistants, personal devices, and context-aware AI is enhancing the Smarter Assistance ecosystem to be seamlessly ubiquitous in interactions. In the future, companies will look into speech and image recognition, chatbots and machine learning working in unison, to integrate all the devices and create a smarter assistance ecosystem, filling our daily lives with ubiquitous interactions.

  • Cyber Immunity: First, Cyber Immunity will rely more on Self-adaptive security technology, which not only detects a threat to avert an attack, but it also studies the threat mechanism and its motives through a continuous self-learning system to better defend against potential future attacks. Second, it will rely on Continuous Authentication. By verifying a combination of attributes and user behaviors (like finger pressure, movement patterns, and speed), it can monitor user activity, to identify and interrupt any inconsistent behavior.

To read Globant’s 2020 Trend in Technology report and explore how your organization can become an Augmented Digital Business, see here.



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