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  • Globant’s Bill Bronske on fakes, deepfakes and the Internet’s truth crisis

  • 12 Nov 2019

    In the News

Who do you trust when you can no longer believe your own eyes and ears?

I spoke about these issues with Bill Bronske, Senior Solutions Architect and AI Studio expert at Globant, a digital transformation technology services company, that works with companies like Google, Southwest Airlines, EA and a number of other major Fortune 500 brands.

Founded by four amigos in Buenos Aires in 2003, Globant was the first Latin American software company to launch an IPO on the NYSE.  Said Bronske:  I think we're at a time in history when we have a climate in which advertising, marketing, political and influencer campaigns and so on have turned towards crafting their own narratives. A side effect is that now there's a public awareness around effects of what we're calling synthetic media, or manipulated media and people are wondering if they can believe what they’re seeing and hearing.  The public has gotten a little weary of hearing narratives that later turn out to be false. This has led to a situation not only in which we are skeptical about the lie but also about the truth.  Without truth, there is no trust.  And without trust, there are no sales or votes.  This is extremely bad news for brands and politicians alike.