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  • How To Augment Collaboration And Productivity Working Remotely

  • 16 Jul 2020

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How To Augment Collaboration And Productivity Working Remotely

CFO’s: If you want to save money this year, engage your employees through AI. Some $300 billion is the annual cost of unhappy employees.  

Globant, (GLOB) an Artificial Intelligence (AI) company, created a tool to boost collaboration among its employees that were distributed around the globe. Nowadays, with more than 14,000 associates worldwide, the tool has transformed their way of working and is helping their clients, too, through what they call augmented collaboration. No wonder, Globant shares (NYSE:GLOB) gained 41.3% in the first six months of the year.

The lower productivity of actively disengaged workers penalizes U.S. economic performance by about a figure nearly equal to the nation's defense budget as per a Gallup research. Disengaged workers report more days of work missed for illness and increase turnover. And these costs are previous to the pandemic; keeping employees engaged while working remotely is even more challenging.

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