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October 27th, 2022

40 min

In our first season, we said there was a bigger and better future for blockchain beyond cryptocurrencies. Since then, that affirmation was proved correct. Decentralization and security are two features that make the blockchain increasingly attractive to many different kinds of companies. Businesses are changing quickly, and fresh possibilities show up every day.

Alan Verbner, who is part of the engineering team in the blockchain studio at Globant, and Isa Goksu, the CTO for Northern Europe at the company, discuss how Blockchain's impact has filtered into multiple industries, establishing its presence in various aspects of our lives by reinventing how we connect to businesses, people, and solutions. But also how the future uses of this technology and its unlimited potential will undoubtedly continue to surprise us. Unscripted Tech is a podcast about the trends that are changing how the technology game is played across all industries, hosted by Rebecca Reed, Content Strategist at Globant.