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October 28th, 2021

22 min

As tech moves forward, the capital needed to satisfy the industry gets bigger, leaving a footprint on both our planet and our people. Although a great number of companies have taken measures, there are many aspects of the IT and communication industry we may have never thought about. Since we have limited resources, each physical process, including information transfer, process, or storage, as well as the relevant Information and Communication Technology (ICT) device production, is energy consuming. As a result, digital technologies appear as both a tool and a challenge to shift towards a low carbon economy. While digital technologies do provide tangible opportunities, they are subject to the same constraints as any global system. Therefore, we ought to design digital practices and infrastructures that are resilient and sustainable. Elena Morettini, head of Sustainable Business Studio, and Nelly Ortiz, senior director in the business hacking studio, discuss those aspects. Unscripted Tech is a podcast about the trends that are changing how the technology game is played across all industries, hosted by Rebecca Reed, Digital Marketing Strategist at Globant.