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Connectivity takes over the driving experience

The automotive industry is generating new value streams in the era of personalization

Cars have become much more than the medium to go from point A to point B. They are about the availability of digital services that can make our lives easier while we head to our destination. Connected cars enable us to access our schedule, email, social media, or our favourite playlist on Spotify, meaning they have become a digital commodity that compliments our lifestyle.

Digitalization is increasingly taking over the driving experience, which is why automotive manufacturers and suppliers are pursuing new revenue streams and innovative services to meet peoples' needs in the era of personalization. With use cases ranging from vehicle maintenance, in-car payments, and remote control of devices, cars are going beyond mobility.

In this report we explore how the new generation of infotainment systems work, the opportunity they represent to generate new business opportunities, and how the connected vehicle is helping automotive companies establish an after-sales relationship with their customers.