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Making evolution happen

The Continuous Evolution Studio focuses on evolving existing applications and helping our clients improve the value of their software over time by aligning business needs with a perfect mix of traditional techniques and new market trends.

Every piece of software built meets a business need for which it was intended, but those needs are not static and are subject to change. Software evolution is a key to improving value over time, and having the right partner will pave the way to achieving success. As new trends and technologies arise, customer behavior changes and market needs must quickly adapt. We retrofit innovation into existing products in order to create continuous engagement among users. We provide a new experience with multidisciplinary teams specialized in software evolution and world-class operations designed to support any kind of application after implementation is complete. Our teams ensure quality and efficiency while bringing innovation, optimization, performance improvement, and constant evolution to their products.

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Software Archaeology
Taking over of a product that has had a long life cycle can be challenging if you don't have access to the appropriate documentation or team members. Software Archaeology is our way to take control of any software solution, in any condition, at any moment, without a long, hard or expensive process. By doing a systematic study of remaining material evidence, such as code, tests and documentation recovered, we can have a clear understanding of the software, as well as the context with which it operates. This enables us to outline a proper plan and roadmap for the team that will work on it.
IT Service Management
All our experience on ITIL helps us cover a full cycle of continuous improvement by carrying out an assessment of the organization, and subsequently delivering recommendations for implementation, as well as solutions that enable supporting areas to satisfy the company's demand. Managing an internal service desk might not be optimal for most companies, we provide a Single Point of Contact Service composed by multidisciplinary teams with specialized processes based on ITIL best practices and focused on ensuring the continuity of the ongoing operation.
Software Evolution
Our takeover framework provides a robust set of tools and processes that our teams use in order to gain ownership of the product they will be working on. Through a detailed assessment we are able to get a complete understanding of the current situation and define a roadmap to achieve a controlled and steady execution phase. Once this is completed, we take it to the next level by introducing new market trends, technologies and innovative solutions to existing products.
ADM2 (ADM Square)
The standard ADM process in an organization is key to deal with the changes today's world is demanding. We took this process to the next level enabling company transformation starting from productive software. This progressive strategy spans four maturity phases while encompassing the cultural shift a company experiments until the changes have been fully embraced in its DNA.
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Evolves existing applications and helps our clients improve the value of their software over time.
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