Wearables & IOT

Our wearables & Internet of Things studio was created to bring to life technology solutions for the ecosystem or wearable devices, as well as an abundance of additional applications of the Internet of Things.

With the products developed in this Studio, we gather information about behavior, activities and sensor-collected data, and then process all the information to develop new products and services.


  • PL

    IoT Platform Development

    Any IoT solution needs support from technology to provide a unique experience. Our teams focus on platform development with a strong focus on rule engines and push notifications, leveraging IoT platforms and connecting the existing systems with the production lines.

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  • HW

    IoT HW Design

    With the rise of IoT and the low cost of electronics, the ability to create custom solutions that include hardware has never been so accessible. Our teams can, based on an initial definition, go over an iterative prototyping process to refine a custom solution to fit specific needs. By delivering the BOM, Eagle Designs and Manufacturing options on each iteration, our clients can integrate IoT into their ecosystems in a controlled manner.

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  • ID

    Industrial Design

    Modern style and design must go hand in hand with technology, particularly at a time when consumers have high standards in terms of the quality of functional and non functional features. Our practice is focused on creating beautiful and natural designs that feed all the senses. For many years screens have had all the design focus, but with the introduction of haptics and other feedback mechanisms, it’s key to consider the rest of the senses in the product or experience design.

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  • PR

    IoT Product Development

    This practice helps our partners integrate wearables and IoT solutions into their current business line, utilizing sensory and communication mechanisms to transform a product or entire business, all while providing real time statistics about consumer insights. This practice also leverages platforms and cognitive solutions to provide a unique experience for both our clients and their consumers.

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