Events Feb 15, 2017

Playground Inauguration Party

  • 875 Howard ST. (Suite 320) San Francisco, CA 94103
  • 10:02 PM

Join us for the grand opening of Globant’s San Francisco Playground, our brand new Digital Journey Accelerator!

The Playground is an inspirational space where Globant’s DNA and all successful digital journeys are showcased in real time. Come to explore, touch, play and discover insights about the creation of digital journeys.

We invite you to an evening of inspiration and tinkering were we’ll discuss some of the work being done with the most disruptive technologies. You’ll be able to learn more about:

  • From Virtual and Mixed Reality sets and demos(Hololens, Oculus and others) to Real-Time Machine Learning algorithms to Enchanted Objects.

  • New gen hardware: simple, accessible and easy to use. And what it means in terms of design and integration

  • Wearables, Internet of things, virtual, mixed and augmented reality, embedded computing and data analytics.

  • Quick prototyping tools, Little Bits, Raspberry Pi and Arduinos.

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